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Huge Guinea Opposition March: Conde’s RPG Supporters Provoke Clash with Marchers and a Mysterious Device Found at the Stadium (PICS)

February 27, 2013


Photos from and an information gathered from

The opposition march gets off to a strong start with several thousand marchers heading towards the September 28 stadium. The picture above was taken by the carrefour at Bambeto where slogans, such as “ALPHA ZERO” and “HE IS INCAPABLE OF LISTENING” are chanted by the marchers.


Opposition leaders participating in the march are Cellou Dalein Diallo, Kassory Fofana, Lansana Kouyaté, Boubacar Barry, Aboubacar Sylla, Mouctar Diallo, Jean Marc Telliano… Sidya Touré, UFR party head, is returning from France today and will head directly to rally site at the stadium.

Traffic is paralyzed.


There is a major police and gendarme presence all along the route from Enco5 to the esplanade at the September 28 stadium. This morning, the spokesperson for the High Command for the Gendarmerie, Major Mamadou Alpha Barry, spoke on radio to inform all that every step has been taken to “respect the rights of citizens. Right now, our men are on the long road to the plaza at the September 28 stadium and, for the moment, the crowd is quiet. All is going well because we don’t see the marchers as “foreigners, they are like us – Guinean brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers.

Wow, did the government send the security services to charm school overnight? Obviously, Barry’s public comments were made for international consumption.

In Hamdallaye, Conde supporters threw stones from in front of their party headquarters at the opposition march as it passed by. The police and gendarmes called for reinforcements and tear gassed opposition marchers. It is not clear yet if this trouble has subsided.


Finally, earlier in the day, a mysterious device was found at the plaza at the September 28 stadium. Concern arose that it might be an explosive and security authorities are conducting an investigation.


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