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Opposition Withdraws from Guinean Electoral Process

February 24, 2013

The opposition announced its “withdrawal” of the electoral process in protest against the “non-recognition” of its claims

From Google translation into English with editing by Guinea Oye

Saturday, February 23, 2013 2:17 p.m.

collectif_adp The Guinean opposition has decided to withdraw from the electoral process from Friday to protest against the “non-recognition” of its claims, said the vice-president of the UFDG main opposition party Fodé Oussou Fofana, on a local radio.

The opposition has taken this decision as a result of a consensus between the three alliances that are the vanguard of the struggle for change ‘in Guinea, including the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), the collective political parties to finalize the transition, and the Republican Club (CDR).

These alliances have however indicated that nine commissioners from the opposition serving on of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), are “free to pursue their activities or not” within the institution responsible for organizing the elections in Guinea.

Fode Fofana Oussou stated that representatives of the alliances will not respond to the invitation of the Chairman of INEC, Bakary Fofana sent to political parties regarding a meeting this Saturday (Feb. 2/23) at the Palais du Peuple in Conakry.

The opposition has also insisted that the withdrawal of the opposition from the electoral process does not mean that it will boycott the poll. “Rather, it could prevent it,” threatened the vice-president of the UFDG.

The opposition’s claims relate to the vote of Guineans abroad and the withdrawal of South African operator Waymark (responsible for voter registration), the logistics management of INEC.

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  1. Mohammed Hadir permalink
    February 24, 2013 11:32 AM

    Bravo, Bravo. This is the best way to deal with the government.

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