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Opposition Condemns Burning and Injuries at Kankan SARP Party Office and Issues Call for February 27 March

February 22, 2013



Translated by Google into English with editing by Guinea Oye

“The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), the Collective of Political Parties for the Completion of the Transition (Collectif) and Club Des Republicans (CDR) congratulate and thank their supporters and sympathizers for their massive participation in peaceful demonstrations 18 and 19 February.

ADP, the Collective and CDR deplore and condemn aggression, Kankan, the seat of the Party of Hope for National Development (SARP) by activists of the ruling party (the People’s Assembly of Guinea – Arc rainbow). The violence of another age has left fifteen (15) injured, of which two are in serious condition. In addition, many vehicles belonging to SARP have disappeared.

The opposition is demanding the immediate implementation of an independent commission of inquiry to identify and punish according to the law, perpetrators of this violence. It sends its wishes for a speedy recovery to those injured and ensures that all its compassion.

ADP, the Collective and CDR are witness to the national and the international community on the refusal of INEC and Guinean government authorities to ensure the transparency and credibility of elections. They deplore the stubborn refusal to create a genuine political dialogue framework that could facilitate an exit and finally allow the holding, as soon as possible, of a peaceful election.

ADP, the Collective and CDR invite their members and supporters as well as all citizens who love democracy and justice to remain mobilized to ensure a resounding success in the peaceful march and dead city day which will take place respectively on 27 and Thursday, February 28, 2013.


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