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Guinea Opposition March: Rocks Thrown at Opposition Procession and RPG Loyalist Stabs a Marcher

February 18, 2013


Thousands of opposition supporters hit the streets of Conakry this morning. It is late afternoon in Conakry and the opposition leaders have reached the esplanade at the Palais de Peuple, or People’s Palace where speeches are underway.

The security forces have been in check, thus far. Not so, for Conde’s RPG party loyalists. A group of youth RPG concealed themselves along the route of the march and launched rocks at the procession. In another incident, a young RPG loyalist stabbed an opposition marcher. Marchers overpowered the assailant and opposition bodyguards apprehended him. The young man stabbed was taken for medical treatment. 

In September 2011, Conde organized an attack on an opposition march which featured paid mercenaries, military soldiers dressed in plain clothes, and RPG loyalists who infiltrated  the march and attacked marchers with knives.  Hundreds of opposition supporters were followed back to their neighborhoods where the attacks continued as well as attacks on their families. Homes were ransacked and everything that was not nailed down was stolen.

If interested, the march is being live blogged on the UFDG party site, in French.

More updates to come . . .

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