GUINEA Opposition March a Huge Success (Pics) Plus Conde Loyalists Burn Down Opposition Party Office in Kankan While Cops Watch


The placard says:  “Down with Waymark, long live dialogue and long live the vote of Guineans living abroad.”


More pictures further below.


Thousands upon thousands of opposition activists marched today protesting the impunity of Alpha Conde. It appears security services kept themselves in check and there were only two incidents reported – rock throwing and a stabbing of an opposition supporter by one of Conde’s RPG activists.

The march was large and lively and filled both sides of the Fidel Castro as it snaked from Gbessia-Conakry airport to the esplanade at the People’s Palace.

In a Reuters article, opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo was quoted as saying at the rally that, “The opposition will not accept dictatorship, the violation of the constitution or laws of the Republic. If Mr Alpha Conde continues to violate these laws then we’ll ask him to leave.” Diallo also promised even larger, stronger protests next week.


Today, in Kankan, located about 435 miles from Conakry, Conde loyalists looted and burned the primary headquarters of the party of Lansana Kouyate, former prime minister, former presidential candidate, and opposition leader.  Apparently, the offices were destroyed because Conde’s supporters think Kouyate has broken away from Conde politically. A resident of Kankan said that police stood by and watched as the ransacking and burning took place. Lansana Kouyate was not present at the march today — he is out of the country for an extended period of time.

The following pictures and those which appear at the beginning of this post are from the UFDG party website:

On the Opposition. Conakry February 18, 2013 .

Opposition march in the capital, Conakry, February 18, 2013


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