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CENI Members Disavow Waymark Choice, Suspicious Data Transfers, and an Electoral Commission Operating Outside Law

February 17, 2013

NOTE: There are two issues of concern presented in this statement (further below) from CENI members issued Saturday, February 16, which are worth emphasizing.

The first is the long-standing concern that the Waymark contractor is not qualified to perform electoral functions for Guinea’s legislative elections and that the CENI president, Bakary Fofana, has denied the participation of CENI members in virtually all decisions concerning the contract, contrary to CENI regulations.

The second issue is that. early last week, electoral data from the 2010 election was transferred to Waymark computers without the presence of the CENI commissioners, political parties, and international observers as required by CENI regulations.

The international community, desperate for legislative elections so it can pronounce Guinea a thoroughly democratic state, must stop in its tracks and answer a vital question: Would members of the international community vote in elections in their own countries if the same problems existed as that of Guinea? Of course not.

FROM GUINEEINFORMATION with Google translation to English and editing by Guinea Oye

Statement of CENI Commissioners against the choice of the operator Waymark: “ Waymark proved to be unable to carry out the operations of revision of electoral rolls in accordance with international standards, therefore, he should be disqualified”

Published on Saturday, 16 February 2013 10:08 p.m.

Written by Barrie K

“Our institution is facing serious problems of governance characterized by unilateral decisions and an almost institutionalized mechanism of fractionalized work.

This situation eventually creates a wall of suspicion between the Chairman of CENI and us, giving an impression that the institution is led by external diarchies, and therefore, an institution under supervision.

The latest problem which concerns us is the issue of the selection of the operator, Waymark, for the revision of the electoral rolls edited by Sagem in 2010.

On the occasion of the Plenary Meeting of Monday, February 11, the issue was introduced in an obscure and unhealthy manner. At the heart of this session, during discussions, a significant number of Commissioners raised the question of the conditions under which the transfer of the Sagem servers located in the premises of MATD made its way ​​to Waymark servers located at Villa 43 the city of nations.

The questions were: who made ​​the transfer? When was it? How was it done?

These questions are extremely sensitive given that the report by the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) recommended that the transfer be done in the presence of a panel of the CENI, international experts and representatives of political parties.

These questions have received no response or from the Chairman of CENI, nor from his accomplices who conducted the transfer operation.

In addition to any other plan, the long-awaited final report of the OIF was finally handed over to the Commissioners. The findings indicate that “the system developed by the operator Waymark is not completed at this stage. It still needs to be stabilized and finalized and it is the same for administrative procedures for traceability.’

It is evident from the findings of this report that the operator Waymark proved to be unable to carry out the operations of revising electoral rolls in accordance with international standards, therefore, it should be disqualified.

To confirm our belief that Waymark is not qualified to continue, we asked for international expertise to be brought in to conduct a review. The CENI president overruled our suggestion and organized a vote without a quorum.

In view of the foregoing, we were not involved in the choice of operator Waymark, nor the transfer of data operations which took place in obscurity and lacked transparency.”

Statement, read by Bya Hadja Diallo, vice-president of the CENI, in the presence of Mamady Lamin Condé, Rapporteur of the CENI, and members Fafa Hadja Diallo, Etienne Soropogui Mamy and Sia Tolno.

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