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Guinea Gov’t. Prohibits Monday Opposition March – This is a Provocation

February 15, 2013


This evening’s statement from Guinea’s Minister of the Interior is a doozy. He cancels the march, scheduled for Monday, by saying it would not be appropriate because it would be the 7th day after the Guinean plane crash and the 5th day of Lent.

After this foolishness, he finally gets down to the real reason. The opposition has no reason to demonstrate because the government has resolved all the issues raised! Further, the opposition is only trying to make a mess and should not be challenging the state.

The Guinean constitution provides for peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.

In the last paragraph, it states that “prohibited” demonstrations have resulted in deaths.  Yes, in particular, deaths at the hands of state security who often deliver head shots to peaceful, unarmed protesters.

Conde has upped the ante – dangerously so.

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March scheduled on Monday banned by the government

Posted on February 15, 2013

In a statement Friday evening (see below) on the antennae of state media, the Minister of the Interior, on behalf of the government banned the opposition march planned for Monday.

Minister for Alhassane Conde said, the day chosen by the opposition to walk coincides with the seventh day of the plane crash that claimed the lives of 11 officers including General Kelefa Diallo. Monday, February 18, adds Alhassane Conde is also the fifth day of the Christian Lent. Any step would be after him, contrary to the traditions of the country.

“Holding such an event in less than a week of this tragic accident, is in contradiction with our manners, customs and rituals that enabled our respective communities to live in peace and acceptance of difference . These social values ​​are to protect and enhance. Unfortunately, some of our citizens, in defiance of our civilizations and beliefs, consider that the street protest is a remedy that is a must to lead the claims unsubstantiated. Indeed, the CENI has already addressed the issues raised by the opposition. “He says in the press before inviting citizens to go about their business, this is what he says is respect the authority of the state.

“The government believes that this event is an eloquent proof of the desire of the organizers to create a mess in our state to prevent the organization of legislative elections. That is why he takes control, the national and international community consequences that mark the holding of these events, which have no reasons to challenge our state. “He said.

The opposition in the coalition group, ADP and CDR plans to organize a series of events throughout the territory from Monday, February 18. Opponents aim through these events to protest against the government’s desire to organize “electoral fraud”. For several months, the opposition demanded the departure of South African operator to roll Waymark suspect it to power up. Remains whether opponents will respect this ban. In the past, events declared “prohibited” by the authorities have always resulted in deaths, injuries and arrests. Monday’s promises to be even more tense than government opposition, each in what concerns do not hear back.

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