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CENI and Waymark Get Married – Opposition Asks for CENI Prez’ Resignation

February 15, 2013


Early in the week, many Guineans were attending the funerals of and paying homage to the eleven military men who died in the Monday plane crash, but Guinea’s many political problems continued boiling just below the surface.

CENI and Waymark contractor

After a year of smoke and mirrors and lies and deception, CENI prez, Bakary Fofana, announced on Thursday that the Waymark contract is the CENI’s final choice for conducting the revision of electoral rolls in preparation for legislative elections scheduled for May 12, 2013. Of course, the nine members of the CENI who held a press conference last week about Fofana making decision unilaterally, said that they were given no opportunity to weight in on the selection of the contractor.

Getting rid of the Waymark contract is a longstanding demand of the opposition. Its primary concerns are that it is a no bid contract and Waymark has a considerable reputation for “fixing” elections.”

In June 2012, the Francophonie, the organization which will “oversee” the 2013 election, brought in experts to review Waymark’s systems design. It found 20 anomalies in the system. The experts returned to Guinea in August and November 2012 to see if the problems had been fully corrected, but they had not. It wrote a final report and gave it to the government in November. The government withheld the report for three months refusing to share it with the opposition until just this month. If the Guinean government had not concealed OIF’s final report, which noted that numerous anomalies remain in the system, Waymark would have been out on its ear. After this shell game, the opposition called for Bakary Fofana’s resignation.

The tyranny of Alpha Conde’s regime continues. Knowing that Conde’s party, the RPG, doesn’t have the votes to win a majority in the 2013 election, knowing that Conde colluded with the Francophonie to steal the 2010 election, knowing that Conde plans to steal the 2013 elections, and knowing that they have a contract with Waymark, a company proficient in election fraud, one has to wonder, why would Guineans show up at the polls in May?


Opposition Youth Would Like to Send EU Representative, Philippe Van Dame, Back Home to Belgium on a One-Way Ticket. The Problem? Waymark.

What’s wrong with Westerners? Are they all arrogant and believe they are smarter than others? Months ago, Philippe Van Dame, the EU representative to Guinea, stated that his review of the Waymark systems design suggests that it is not flawed and that using Waymark as a contractor should not be a stumbling block for holding legislative elections in May. He continued to push the point recently as well.

Van Dame continues to push the point and, today, young opposition supporters demonstrated outside his office in Conakry to tell him to quit interfering in Guinea’s internal politics. From the beginning, Van Dame has tried to pass himself off as a computer expert, in order to bring more authority to his positive opinion of Waymark. Van Dame is an not an expert in the field, he is partisan. One protester said, if he wishes to become a member of the RPG party (Conde’s party), he should do so. Otherwise, he should be quiet.

Van Dame and every other diplomat who attempts to legitimize Guinea’s choice of Waymark is supporting a fraudulent election and accepts the fact that millions of Guineans will be disenfranchised. How ironic. Mr. Van Dame would never vote in an election, in his home country of Belgium, if it had the same flaws as Guinea’s elections. In fact, Mr. Van Dame would probably lead the crowd to have those committing the fraud arrested and thrown in jail.

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