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Guinea Opposition: NO to Conde’s Mtg. 2-12 and YES to Marching to Presidential Palace on 2-13

February 10, 2013



According to its spokesperson, Aboubacar Sylla, the opposition declines Alpha Conde’s invitation to meet on Tuesday, February 12. In addition, the opposition decided to alter the route for its February 13 march so that it ends up at the esplanade of the presidential palace.
Sylla said that while the opposition declined Conde’s February 12 invitation, it will request a postponement of the meeting until after it’s march and other actions scheduled for this week. Most importantly, the opposition will request that, at any future meeting, it be the sole participant. Conde’s February 12 meeting invitation is directed to the “political class,” and, if interpreted broadly, this could mean the entire population of Conakry. The opposition knows from past experience that this kind of meeting will not permit direct dialogue with Conde. Also, the opposition will request a well-defined meeting agenda as well as development of a consultative framework for continuing the dialogue.
As for the February 13 march, the opposition decided to alter the route. The intention is to continue the march beyond the September 28 stadium, past the Gbessia-Conakry airport, and to the esplanade leading to the presidential palace. Sylla said that the appropriate papers have been filed requesting this route change, but there is no word so far. Looks like the opposition intends to speak “truth to power.” Unfortunately, under this scenario, the likelihood of severe state security repression against unarmed protesters is very high.
Information contained in this post, was gathered from Guinean website,
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  1. Ibrahim permalink
    February 10, 2013 2:18 PM

    They are planning to march to the “Palais du Peuple” instead of the 28 September stadium. But what worry us the most : the USA’s representative and the EU’s representative are showing a will to help and condone Alpha Condé electoral frauds plans. Why? I suspect Tony Blair lobbying very hard in the USA and in Europe, alas!
    Despite all the human rights and the Guinean constitution violations by Alpha Condé, the USA and the EU seem not to care about real democracy, free and fair elections in Guinea. However, Africa too deserves free and fair elections, the same way it happens in the USA and in Europe!

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