Guinea: Alpha Conde Invites “Political Class” to Meet on Feb. 12: International Community Getting Nervous?


On August 27, 2012, during an opposition rally, Guinean state security forces fired on a car carrying L to R above:   Lansana Kouyate, Sidya Toure, and Cellou Dalein Diallo, all former prime ministers, all former presidential candidates and all leaders of their opposition parties.  According to Sidya Toure, today’s attempt was designed to “decapitate” the opposition.  If you are interested in the details, please click here.

Alpha Conde has invited the “political class” to meet with him on Tuesday, February 12 at 2 PM

So far, there is no agenda and only a vague theme, “to talk about current issues.”

This meeting takes place just one day before the opposition march on February 13.

As spokesman for the opposition, Aboubacar Sylla, said if the entire “political class” shows up there will be too many people to have a discussion. Rather, as in times past, Conde will do a lengthy monologue and then the meeting will be over.

Various opposition parties are in the process of deciding whether to attend the meeting.

One of the main reasons Conde is holding this meeting is to get the international community off his back. Western countries are getting nervous about the opposition march and the likelihood of state security forces opening fire. This could open up a more serious conflict and affect the holding of legislative elections.

If the opposition attends the meeting, it will not address any of its concerns, it will takes precious time away from preparing for the next day’s march, and Conde being Conde, there’s a strong possibility he will insult the opposition. If some or all boycott the meeting, Conde will get a “bump” in the international press — “Conde offered the opposition an opportunity to discuss differences, but the opposition boycotted the meeting, suggesting it is not interested in cooperating with the president.”

We will see what happens on Tuesday. Stay tuned.


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