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Guinea’s CENI Members – “CENI Prez Cutting Members Out of Election Decisions”: The Int’l. Community Needs to Pull the Plug on This Election

February 7, 2013



You would think FOSSEPEL guards ballot boxes and assists  voters, but you would be wrong.  During 2010 election violence against opposition supporters, these guys were dishing out the brutality with the rest of the state security apparatus

Yesterday, nine members of Guinea’s electoral commission, the CENI, including its Vice-President, held a press conference in Conakry to inform the people of Guinea that CENI president, Bakary Fofana, is systematically excluding them from making decisions regarding legislative elections. Fofana’s modus operandi, as described in their press statement (see below), is to prevent thorough discussion, consensus or voting on issues critical to the holding of elections. As a result, Fofana is making decisions in a unilateral manner, such as the choice of May 12, 2013, for the elections. You may recall that when this was announced, many CENI members said they were not consulted. Further, Fofana pitches “his” position on issues to the media and passes them off as being approved by the CENI.

At the press conference, the CENI members stated they have tried, on many occasions, to raise the issue to Fofana about his lack of consultation with them, but got nowhere. One CENI member suggested that, if things do not improve, it might be necessary to consult the courts and raise the issue internationally.

Most likely, election decisions made by a tag team of Fofana and Alpha Conde. Makes it easier to set up and conduct the fraud.

Why does Conde need Fofana to commit election fraud in 2013? In 2010, Conde stole the presidential election by having then-president of the CENI, Louceny Camara, a loyalist of Conde’s RPG party, work his vote stealing magic. In the first round of the election, Camara stole 50,000 ballots which had been cast for UFDG candidate, Cellou Dalein Diallo, thus, denying him winning the presidency outright. The idea was to create conditions that would force a second round where massive fraud could be committed to bring Conde out on top.

A fair and square election would have brought Diallo to the presidency and Conde would have finished in maybe fourth place. When you steal an election, you enter office without a majority mandate to govern. No doubt Conde’s support has shrunk after two years of economic decline, ethnic bashing, and and his fondness for Sekou Toure era repression. The international community is anxious for Guinea to hold legislative elections because this will fulfill an agreement to complete Guinea’s transition to civilian rule. This milestone will open the door to increased funding from international financial institutions and heftier international political support, which will serve to entrench Conde and make it pretty difficult to oust him.

Speaking of the international community let’s see how it reacts to the latest news about the CENI. If there is no reaction, journalists must probe for comments and Guineans should apply their own pressure through press conferences and protests. Let’s not forget that the 2010 presidential election should not have been held because of the massive fraud and the extreme violence by Conde supporters against the opposition, largely Peuls. The people of Guinea have not forgotten how the international community turned a blind eye to the many deaths of opposition supporters and the fraudulent ascendancy of Alpha Conde to Sekoutoureya palace (which the majority of the people of Guinea may never get over).

There is no diplomat who would vote in an election in his/her country if it had the fundamental lack of democracy and transparency as is the case in Guinea. The international community needs to step up now and, if it doesn’t, diplomats would be wise to have their helmets and flak jackets at the ready for the country is about to go up in flames.

Below is an article about the CENI members’ press conference which includes a statement read aloud to the press. The original article was in French and it appeared in Guinee58. Google was used to translate it into English, which is a bit rough, but you’ll get the idea.

Crisis INEC: The sling is organized against the president of the CENI, Bakary Fofana

Thursday, February 7, 2013 9:22

bakary_fofana_1 The slingshot is organized against the unilateral decisions of the president of the CENI Bakary Fofana. The crisis in the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) has reached its climax. It knew of the existence of internal strife between the presidential camp and the opposition but yesterday the crisis won the public. The arrival on the role of internal strife is explained in the pre-electoral and display the data transfer to the SAGEM Waymarck kits without consulting the commissioners of INEC.

Among the slingers are including Vice President Biya Hadja Diallo, Mamadi Lamine Conde Hadja Fafa Diallo Telly Touré, Mamie Sia Tolno, Soropogui Etienne, Jean Gbonimy, Ibrahima Diallo and Dr. Charles André Soumah.

Statement read by spokesman slingers, Mamadou Lamine Conde

“I speak on behalf of a group of nine commissioners of CENI, after a plenary meeting held to date to address certain aspects of the operation and decision-making within the CENI.

For some time, we felt that the functioning and decision-making process was disturbed. We reported this fact to the internal need to correct any price.

It is the outcome of the failure of our respective interventions that we are today forced to speak about the facts.

We felt that since our return from Bel Air and the beginning of the implementation of the strategic plan adopted in Bel Air, we know about the dysfunctional decision-making process. We are confronted with a fait accompli and fractional work which does not say his name. There are tricks to bypass the biased process registered by the rules.

The details of the rules are violated on a daily basis with regard to decision-making. Problems are exposed the most advanced in the plenary of the CENI. It is when we are talking and that discussions are not complete, as positions are advanced in the mass media saying that INEC agreed to this and that, while the process of discussion underway. And no decision has been taken, either by consensus or by vote as prescribed by the rules.

We reported these facts and we registered faux work against this trend fractional. And we took that day plenary around this problem that concerns us and which distorts the activities of the new INEC. We have tried to solve this problem internally to discuss among ourselves. We must recognize that many of us, even commissioners

That is why we decided together here to report it so that it does not say that we are boycotting anything. We are a group of Commissioners aware of our responsibilities, we are aware that the people of Guinea expects us to make elections fair, equitable and timely for our people to get us out of the current slump.

We do not condone any activity ever of delaying the elections but we will work tirelessly to satisfy the wishes of our people in peace, justice, peace and legality. This is what we decided to do. And we want to point out this fact. We do not want to explain all the problems here, but we call on the national and international opinion that everyone knows what is happening in the new CENI. are not mentioned in this list, which gave voice and who appreciated this way. But unfortunately, I think this opinion is not shared by all.

And we have to say that this issue has been raised today, we are ready to discuss it. If they want to. If they do not want, we are ready to organize a press conference to enter the judicial authorities of Guinea but also the Guinean public and international opinion. ‘

We will return …

Zenab Bangoura, , Conakry

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