Opposition Postpones March to Wed., February 13: Alhassane Conde’s Not So Veiled Threat


FODE MAMAOUDOU BAH, murdered by state security forces in September 2012 after a post-march siege of neighborhoods known to be aligned with the opposition.  State security forces serve as back-up for youth supporters of  Conde.

Alhassane Conde, head of the Guinean Interior Ministry, held a press conference today to give his opinion about the intention of the country’s political opposition to hold a march, tomorrow, Thursday, February 7. He said the opposition march conflicts with a Youth Ministry event which will feature a procession of a large number of youth welcoming FIFA president, Sepp Blatter, to Guinea.

Alhassane Conde is the attack dog of the administration, but he’s getting the hang of using a passive-aggressive approach which makes him seem less rude than he really is.

Conde said that “the opposition march should not take place tomorrow because of the FIFA event. We have asked the opposition to postpone their march. But, the opposition march is not forbidden.” He explained that the participants in the Youth Ministry event would be marching along the same routes as the opposition and then, he added this zinger – “Imagine two groups of young people gathered in the same place and they don’t have the same goals, its complicated.”

The media contacted Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana, VP of opposition party, UFDG, for comment. He said the opposition decided to postpone the march until Wednesday, February 13 because it appears Conde was threatening orchestrated interference in the opposition march by the those in the youth march.

While Conde’s language sounds less harsh these days, he makes sure his threats of bodily harm come through loud and clear.


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