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Sixth Anniversary of 1/22/07, Massacre in Guinea: One of Many State Crimes Not Prosecuted and No Pressure from International Community to Do So (VIDEO)

January 24, 2013

The following video chronicles a horrible massacre which took place on January 22, 2007, when hundreds of peaceful, unarmed demonstrators were summarily executed by Guinean troops, supplemented with troops from Guinea-Bissau.

The goal of the demonstration was to protest Guinea’s appalling economic conditions and consisted of many union leaders and members who, along with others, were in opposition to the policies of the government of Lansana Conte.

Time after time, Guineans have witnessed how their unpopular governments, at odds with the people, have resorted to mass murder in an attempt to extinguish dissent. Another horrible massacre took place on September 28, 2009, when Guineans marched in opposition to the military junta of Dadis Camara. As in the case of the 2007 massacre, hundreds killed, thousands injured and hundreds of women raped.

No serious government investigation has been conducted regarding either massacre. With the longstanding and pervasive atmosphere of impunity in Guinea, this is not surprising. Further, it seems illogical to have the perpetrators of state violence, and those who commanded them, investigating themselves.

Guinean eyes turned to the international community to apply pressure on international criminal tribunals to prosecute crimes the Government of Guinea steadfastly ignored. The less than enthusiastic response from the international community said it all. It could not provide moral leadership in this case because any prosecution of state military perpetrators would upset a delicate apple cart that would spill into a military coup, sending international investors running fast and far away from Guinea. Essentially, the people of Guinea were betrayed and left in a state of “no justice, no peace.” If interested in reading more about this topic, please see “Preventive Diplomacy:  The International Community’s Betrayal of the People of Guinea”

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