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Strike Two: Electoral Commission Head, Bakary Fofana, Unilaterally Chooses Date for Legislative Elections–May 12, 2013

December 15, 2012


With no appeals process, strike three, means you are OUT!

In baseball parlance, it’s three strikes and you are out. If the same is applied to the new director of Guinea’s electoral commission (CENI), Bakary Fofana, he has two strikes against him already.

A few days ago, Guinea Oye, posted a declaration from Guinea’s political opposition concerning Fofana’s concealment of a Francophonie report on the lack of readiness of Guinea’s legislative election apparatus, which contained particular concern about the troublesome Waymark contract. This was strike one and, for Guinean voters, painfully reminiscent of the duplicitous behavior of the former CENI head, Louceny Camara who succeeded in stealing the 2010 presidential election for Alpha Conde.  A few days later, Fofana announced his unilateral decision to set the date of legislative elections for May 12, 2013.  Given that he did not consult the opposition nor his fellow CENI commissioners on the date selection, this is “strike two” for him.  In response to this latest transgression, some opposition party leaders called for Fofana’s dismissal and ten CENI commissioners issued a declaration disassociating themselves from Fofana and his unilateral decision. Stay tuned . . . strike three cannot be far away.

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