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CENI Head Refuses to Share Francophonie Report Regarding Deficiencies in Waymark Contract and Other Election Preparations – Opposition Declaration

December 12, 2012
CENII Head. Bakaray Forana, the new Louceny Camera

CENII Head. Bakary Fofana, the new Louceny Camara


Translated from the French into English via Google with editing  by Guinea Oye

Joint Declaration of the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) and the Collective political parties to finalize the Transition.

ADP and the Collective were informed by corroborating and trustworthy sources that the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) has forwarded to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) more than ten days ago, its report evaluating the implementation of its twenty recommendations made previously concerning the audit system and hardware implemented by the technical operator Waymark.

This report was made ​​available to the new Chairman of INEC with whom it remains to this day and all requests by Commissioners to see it have been ignored.

It, therefore, becomes increasingly clear that the president of the INEC, the recipient of the report, decided for some reason to hide this document from the members of INEC, including members of the Executive Board.

If these facts are confirmed, it would be the expression of a partisan position, a serious breach of the principles of transparency and a clear violation of the law and rules laid down for the functioning of this institution. This puts into question the impartiality and neutrality of the INEC chairman who derives his legitimacy from the confidence he must inspire to conduct competitive elections.

ADP and the Collective requires the Chairman of INEC to make the report available, without delay, to the Bureau and the Plenary Assembly. This must be done in full transparency with the different structures and organs of this body.

ADP and the Collective require that the rules of transparency and the principle of collegiality are strictly adhered to by the President of the INEC who has the obligation to break with the practices established by his predecessor. In April 2012, the opposition said that he had concealed from other commissioners and the political class, the audit report of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) challenging the reliability of the company, Waymark.

In addition, ADP and Collective recall that the choice of a new operator which has the technical skill required to seamlessly update electoral lists and confirm votes of Guineans abroad, like the Joint reconstruction of INEC, solutions to the crisis.

ADP and the Collective believe, in fact, only a reliable electoral list, inclusive, comprehensive and secure which meets internationally accepted standards, is a guarantee of credible and peaceful elections.

ADP and the Collective ask the people of Guinea to remain mobilized for the defense of its democratic achievements and to make our country a genuine rule of law.

Conakry, December 10, 2012

The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) and
the collective political parties to finalize the transition

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