Over 2,000 Guinean Public Employees Who Have Died, Retired, or Walked Off the Job Still Getting Paid and Some Are Receiving Two Paychecks

According to the following article, the commission which discovered these anomalies has been placed directly under Alpha Conde.

Hmmm . . .

Xinhua | 2012-11-27 16:12:18
By Agencies
The commission charged with reforming and modernizing Guinea’s public administration sector on Monday unearthed serious anomalies in the register of the country’s public service workers, after a month of verification exercise.The commission’s operation led to the discovery of 1,050 cases of dead public servants who continued to be paid every month and 932 cases who had deserted their work station but continued to receive their regular pay.In addition, 830 officers were receiving double payment, since they were registered as working both on contract and as permanent employees.At the same time, 35 workers who had already retired were still appearing on the payroll and they were still receiving their full pay as well as their retirement benefits.The verification exercise further found out that over 4,000 public sector workers had changed their date of birth to avoid going for retirement, about 979 of these were supposed to retire in 2011.Thousands of the public servants changed their rank using falsified documents, and without following the laid down administrative procedures.In a decree establishing the commission for reforming and modernizing Guinea’s public administration sector, the commission was placed under the direct authority of the country’s President, Alpha Conde.

Currently, Guinea’s public sector is estimated to have close to 100,000 employees.


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