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When the National Endowment for Democracy and Reuters’ Saliou Samb Start Criticizing Conde, It’s the Beginning of the End

October 29, 2012

December 3, 2010, the Guinean Supreme Court meets behind a well-guarded red door to officially approve the massive electoral fraud that was required to place Alpha Conde in Sekoutoureya Palace.  The country has deteriorated markedly since Conde came to office and human rights violations by his government have hit new heights.

Conde got a much deserved one-two punch from Reuters and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), last week. Heretofore, neither Reuters nor NED has written so critically about Alpha Conde’s governance. This is significant because Guinea Oye has often criticized Saliou Samb, the reporter who wrote the Reuters story, for his simplistic analysis of Guinean politics and regularly omitting facts critical of Alpha Conde. NED is significant because it is funded by the US government and is used often as a “feeler” to test reaction on contemplated foreign policy changes. In addition, NED helps the State Department by “creating conditions” on the ground, in particular countries, to effect regime change.

While both NED and Reuters articles might benefit from more background, kudos go to both authors for bringing to the surface two issues that have been purposely buried in the English language press coverage of Guinea: 1) serious ethnic issues, how they are intertwined with the political and Conde’s manipulation of all of it; and 2) revealing a multi-dimensional opposition that is not “holding up the election,” but adamant that Guinea not proceed with an election that, just in its initial preparations, is already in violation of the Guinean constitution and the nation’s electoral laws.

Conde is the one holding up the election by not addressing these unlawful practices which are designed for only one purpose: fraud.

Links to both articles appear below:

Guinea: Ethnicity, Democracy and Opposition National Endowment for Democracy, by Kamissa Camara

Inisight: Guinea ethnic divide defies “’West Africa’s Mandela’”Reuters, by Saliou Samb

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