(PICS) On the Third Anniversary of the 2009 Massacre, Guinea Security Forces Fire Into Funeral Procession – Four Wounded

Last Friday, on the third anniversary of the September 28, 2009 massacre, the funerals for the two young, unarmed opposition supporters, killed by state security forces the previous weekend, took place. Just days earlier, state security forces disrupted the “condolence”ceremony for Alpha Amadou Barry, by storming in to tear down white tents set up for the occasion, throwing tear gas at participants, and damaging cars.

On Friday, a massive crowd accompanied the bodies of Alpha Amadou Barry and Fode Mamoud Bah to the cemetery. The state security was out in full force. When the procession began to march past the headquarters of the RPG, Alpha Conde’s party, tear gas canisters were lobbed at the crowd by police and RPG members. Word came to those who arrived at the cemetery first that, further back the crowd, the funeral procession was being attacked and the crackle of gunfire could be heard. Without provocation, security forces shot live ammunition into the crowd and set off a huge wall of tear gas. When the smoke cleared four unarmed opposition supporters had been shot, two in the chest and two in the arm.

In an article about the state repression leveled at the funeral procession, an opposition activist expresses concern about the future, especially for young people, in Guinea:

“When I file this report, it is difficult to balance, but it is certain that the police are currently heading to the neighborhoods of the axis to conduct a crackdown, long after the funeral and for no good reason.

The youth have only one message now: give them the means to defend themselves because they no longer intend to be killed with impunity every day.”

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