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GUINEA: Conde’s Bad Governance Catches Up with Him – West Africa Newsletter

September 26, 2012

The top headline in the West Africa Newsletter today does not bode well for Conde. While we have the first paragraph only to share because it is a subscription publication, it is enough to see where things are headed. The first sentence is perhaps the worst condemnation of Conde seen in the international press and suggests that the international community is headed in the same direction:

“. . . Conde seems to be taking his cue from his predecessors.”

Conde’s bad governance catches up with him


Guinea’s President Alpha Conde seems to be taking his cue from his predecessors – whom he once fought – to exercise his mandate without being troubled by bothersome legislative elections and a legitimate parliament. Despite recent advances such as the reform of the country’s National Independent Election Commission (CENI), all the signs point to an election not being held again in 2012, and the organisation of a ballot in 2013 also appears hypothetical at this stage.(…)

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