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The 411 on the Last Four Days in Guinea – Not a Pretty Picture

September 25, 2012

Guinea’s “Not So” Finest Cops

Earlier, Guinea Oye reported on the violence that erupted this past Friday when Malinke youth stoned Peul shopkeepers at Madina market, stole their merchandise and damaged their cars. These actions seemed deisgned to provoke a conflict and, that, it did. Upon hearing of the violence, youth in Bambeto and Cosa started to head for the market to help defend their Peul relatives but did not get very far. Malinke youth were waiting for them at the outskirts of the neighborhoods with full back-up from Guinean police.

Chaos ensued as police chased the Peul youth, beat them, and then arrested them. And, these were the lucky ones. It was in a small suburb of Bomboli that police shot Alpha Amadou Barry in the neck – he died later at the hospital.

As evening edged, the police also entered homes looking for people to arrest and many people of all ages and gender were beaten severely. There are several people injured in the hospital and who knows how many have been thrown in jail.

Fode Mamadou Bah, victim of a “kill shot” by Guinean police. (Photo:

It was over the weekend that Conde’s police scored their second killing. This time it was at the Axis Hamdallaye-Bambeto-Cosa, where police shot Fode Mamadou Bah in the neck. The police did nothing to help him as he lie on the ground. Bystanders rushed to gather Bah and took him to Donka hospital where he died. The receiving doctor said that the police shot him at very close range and, if their goal was to stop him, they could have done so without using a “kill shot.” Bah was 27 years old and a computer wiz who ran two computer shops. He is originally from Pita. Let’s hope his family is not attacked as the police did in the case of Alpha Amadou Barry relatives, the first  casualty in this latest provocation.

The pattern of arrest, beating, and incarceration of Peul youth continued throughout the weekend and spread beyond Conakry. Violence broke out in Fria between Malinke and Peul youth. Both the prefect and the mayor were in Conakry for consultations (a convenient time to be away from Fria?) and the prefect, presumably the same person who prevented Lansana Kouyate from making a delivery of food two months ago and who recently, single-handedly, tried to close down a radio station by beating up everyone inside, also gave large quantities of gasoline for Malinke youth to use and you can bet it was not for a high school bonfire! While things have calmed down in Fria, many of the shops remain closed.

But, the politics continues. Out of nowhere, Prime Minister Fofana made a visit to Cellou Dalein Diallo at his home on Saturday. The purpose of his visit was three-fold 1) offer condolences in the death of Alpha Amadou Barry, 2) give Diallo a check for $10 million GF for the family of Barry and 3)  trap Diallo into a “kumbayah” meeting with the government. Diallo accepted the condolences, was careful not to touch the envelope of money, suggesting the government should present the money directly to the family, and, probably in an effort not to seem impolite, he told Fofana a meeting was a possibility.

Guinea Oye could go on and on, but will end with this. Opposition leader, Dr. Faya Millimono gets the prize for the best headline of the day: – Dr Faya Millimouno à Guinéenews© : « N’Körö Alpha est sur la voie de rejoindre ses amis Taylor et Gbagbo à La Haye » or Dr. Faya Millimono to Guineenews: Alpha Conde is on his way to join his friends (Charles) Taylor and (Laurent) Gbagbo at the Hague.

As always, stay tuned!

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