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Opposition Declaration on the Barbarity of Alpha Conde’s Thugs

September 25, 2012

The following was translated into English using Google with editing by Guinea Oye. You can read the declaration in French as well.

Declaration of the Collective and the ADP on the Barbarity of Alpha Conde’s Thugs

September 22, 2012

The ADP and the Collective congratulate the people of Conakry and the interior of the country for the strong commitment and discipline they showed during the historic march on Thursday, 20 September. Through their massive participation, they have confirmed their commitment to the ideals of peace and democracy advocated by the Guinean opposition.

However, the ADP and the Collective deplore the punitive expedition made by ruling party thugs on Friday, September 21 who were backed by the police. They assaulted and abused our activists and supporters whose only crime is to have achieved an impressive mobilization in areas which are largely the fiefdoms of the power, and were treated unfairly.

This situation is all the more unacceptable in that the march was authorized completely. Activists and opposition supporters who marched calmly and in good humor did not deviate from the route approved by authorities as claimed by the power. Given that our procession was followed and supervised from beginning to end by security forces assigned to this particular mission,we are clear that our supporters followed the route.

The attacks on activists and supporters on Friday, September 21, were accompanied by brutal arrests by police that are still ongoing in many parts of the suburbs of Conakry. Unfortunately, these attacks culminated in the murder of a young citizen of 24 years, Alpha Amadou Barry, as a result of live ammunition shot ​​by police forces and gendarmerie who use weapons of war to perform operations of maintaining order.

ADP and the Collective strongly condemn these practices of another age which are recurrent in Guinea and demand an immediate independent investigation to identify the perpetrators of the crimes in order to bring them swiftly to justice before the competent courts.

ADP and the Collective believe that nothing can justify the disproportionate use of force and the use of firearms against unarmed Guinean citizens exercising their rights to participate in demonstrations as guaranteed by our Constitution.

ADP and the Collective deplore the impunity from which the authors of violence continue to benefit in Guinee in spite of the statements of intent of the current authorities who give no effort and demonstrate no real political will to promote democracy and human rights in our country. Indeed, no serious and coherent action is taken to struggle forcefully against the acts of violence of the defense and of security forces from which excesses continue to plunge dozens of families into mourning, since the investiture of the current President of the Republic.

Leaders, activists and supporters of ADP and the Collective exhibit, at this sad occasion, their heartfelt condolences to the families and relatives of the victim. They pray for the repose of his soul and implore the Almighty to grant him Paradise. They invite the people of Guinea to make sure that the deceased’s funeral is worthy of the noble cause for which he gave his life. They also express to all Guinean victims of violence and arbitrariness, their compassion and support.

ADP and the Collective demand immediate and unconditional release of all activists and supporters arrested during these events and call upon the civic and political maturity of the people of Guinea to encourage them to persevere in the struggle for the advent of Guinea in an era of democracy and prosperity.

Conakry, 22 September 2012
The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) and
The Collective Political Parties for Completing the Transition

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