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Guinea: Today’s Violence was Predictable — Just One More Example of Conde’s Thuggish Governance

September 21, 2012

At the end of a very bad day in Guinea, one person is dead and over 40 people have been injured. The following excerpts will give you an idea of what happened on the ground. The last excerpt includes some very interesting comments from Bah Oury about Alpha Conde and next steps the opposition might consider.

Original articles in French translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye.


One resident of Bomboli (situated between Bambeto and Cosa), who joined Guineenews on the phone, security forces reportedly fired on demonstrators around 1pm, injuring a young man. Alpha Oumar Barry, from Bantignel (Pita) who is already on the road to Donka: “He was shot in the neck,” says our informant says he was surprised by the violence of repression.

We announced in our dispatches, authorities were repressing a demonstration in Bomboli, security forces reportedly fired on the crowd. A young man whose age can be between 25 to 30 years, had received a bullet in the neck. A morgue Donka National Hospital, Guinéenews saw the body of the victim in the company of his family. The doctor found on site said the death was recorded at 3pm on Friday 21 September. Without commenting on the reasons. “Talk to the Directorate General for this and any other issue,” he decided.

Policy: Provisional result of the riots in Conakry: One killed, forty injured, arrests and damage

posted September 21 at 13:10 | updated 21 September at 13h12 | posted 1861 times

The balance of riots that erupted Friday in the suburbs of Conakry has increased. In any case, the repression of security forces resulted in a death. To this, we must add the forty wounded, including among the ranks of the police, and shops looted, people robbed of their property, officials said.
According to our sources, the young Alpha Oumar Barry was shot in Koloma in the suburbs of Conakry. “The police shot him in the neck around 2 pm. The Red Cross rushed him to Donka Hospital but died of his injuries. I saw his body. I was with her parents “said a witness to our reporter.
According to a second source, forty injured have been recorded yet. “We’re talking about forty injured at the moment, including nine police officers and four constables. Others are demonstrators,” she said.
Regarding damage, eyewitnesses speak of at least six shops looted and emptied of their contents to Madina. “Cars were stoned and damaged, people stripped of their property and motorcycles burnt”, we have been entrusted.
Other witnesses have told people to Coza have seen the police make arrests in the upper suburbs of Conakry. “The gendarmes and police returned to the neighborhoods to make arrests,” he said.


Reached in Paris, Bah Oury, vice president of the UFDG says that “this is the face of Alpha Condé, whose acts lead one to believe that he was installed in power to kill Peuls.” For Mr. Bah, the departure of Mr. Alpha Condé is non-negotiable. “This is the ongoing struggle to fight for the departure of Alpha Condé. The final battle has already begun and that is why the opposition should already start preparing for a new, alternative transition.”

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