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Fria Prefect Takes Offense at Radio Station Criticism of Guinean PM: Throws One Employee Out the Door, Slaps the Head of Another and Demands Station Shut Down

September 19, 2012

Fria Prefect, Mohamed Conte, must be one tough hombre. This is the same guy who stopped Lansana Kouyate, a few weeks ago, and prevented him from entering Fria to deliver desperately needed food and supplies.

For those in the international community looking for hopeful signs of democracy in Alpha Conde’s Guinea, you can skip Fria. Within the span of one month, Mr. Conte violated constitutional guarantees of free speech, free press and free movement.

Yet, there is a silver lining in all this. The radio station microphone was “open”as Mr. Conte assaulted the staff and it was caught on audio tape.

Below is the Guineenews article on this. Google translation from French to English – a bit rough, but you’ll get the idea–the link takes you to the article in French.

Company: Fria: the prefect Mohamed Conte interrupts a radio broadcast that pin the Prime Minister

posted on September 19 5h0 | updated September 19 at 5:28 | posted 3548 times

© Elhadj Mohamed Conte, the prefect of Fria, a mining town located 160 kilometers north of Conakry, is allowed to move Tuesday interrupt the normal course of an interactive broadcast live on the radio station, “Voice of Fria “. In response, the CEO and owner of commercial radio, which broadcasts from June 28, 2011, promises to take the National Council commination (CNC), the body responsible for regulating the Guinean media, it was learned Wednesday corroborating sources.
Reached by telephone, Brother Alhassane Sidibé says his ordeal. “We had a program called the auditors speech. The theme was the unfulfilled promises of Prime Minister Mohamed Said Fofana. At 9:30, the prefect came to the studio. But at the door, he threw out the first reporter that crossed his path. Then he returned to the studio. He hit his head on the guest Alhassane Sylla, sociologist and consultant to the radio. He also asked them to stop the show. We discussed at length. Fortunately, everything was live, “he said.
Prosecutor, explains Brother broken promises of power. “During his last visit, the Prime Minister promised to return to work at the plant Fria, the payment of salary arrears and the provision of water and electricity. But for two weeks Fria is in the dark. The work has not resumed and staff are outstanding. This is why we struggled and that listeners were asked to judge, “he said.
In addition, the colleague argues that these threats were predictable. “After the departure of the Prefect, the radio continued its normal course. Only issue was stopped. On the eve of the arrival of the Prime Minister, local authorities have entrusted us with the hosts to say that it is we who inflame things in Fria. An adviser to the minister of communication we even called for trade. Previously, the President of the Special Delegation of Fria had threatened to turn off the radio and stop any listener who speak evil regime, “he concluded.
Reached by telephone, the CEO and owner of the radio station, Waxed Dieng, said entering the Union of Free Radio and television Guinea (URTELGUI). “I also take the National Board written communication,” he promised.
Reached by telephone to his version of events, the prefect Mohamed Conte said he is meeting.
These are the same Fria authorities which prevented the former Prime Minister Lansana Kouyaté to convey humanitarian assistance to populations affected by the crisis Fria.

Abdoulaye Bah
Conakry, Guinea

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  1. Ollaid permalink
    September 20, 2012 4:35 AM

    The unfortunate thing is that the same person-that villain prefect as his alike before- once sacked by the government, the same people he did subject to maltreatment abuse will welcome him back among them: my point is that we, Guinean, do not retaliate on the bad guys once they become “nobody” again, simple citizen back to society.
    How many Lansana Conté’s ex-ministers once sacked went into hiding in the USA and be welcomed by the Guinean people there? They were even socializing happily. Therefore, members of the dictatorial government in Guinea know and are confident that there will be no sad consequence for them whatever bad things they’ve done to other citizens.

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