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Joint Opposition Circular on Nat’l. Political Demonstrations, Thurs., 9-20: Addresses CENI, Waymark, and August 27 Issues

September 18, 2012

Joint Circular ADP and Collective on National Political Demonstrations Thursday, September 20, 2,012

The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) and the Collective of Political Parties for Finalizing the Transition take note of the Government’s commitment to oppose any re-composition of the CENI, despite the various proposals of the political class and provisions of the Act governing the CENI. The Government also wants to keep hidden all elements of technical electoral fraud built into the technology of contractor-operator, Waymark Sabary, which was chosen by the Government in flagrant violation of legal procedures and rules of transparency.

Faced with this unacceptable situation and the intransigence of power and his rejection of any real dialogue with the opposition political parties, ADP and the Collective decided to organize a series of public events designed to compel the authorities to respect the rule of law and democratic principles.

This is why the EPA and the Collective decided to schedule a peaceful march of their supporters and sympathizers and all Guinean citizens concerned about the future democracy in our country, on Monday August 27, along the highway on-axis Matoto Esplanade stadium on September 28. All the formalities required by law were met by the organizers in time. This march, however, was prevented and savage repression befell protesters and opposition political leaders who were victims of arbitrary arrests, kidnapping, violation of homes, live gunfire and violence of all kinds.

Faced with these serious and unspeakable acts by authorities, ADP and Group decided on the immediate withdrawal of their representatives in the government, the INEC and the CNT. These measures are actually being applied.

ADP and the Collective reject intimidation and harassment of the opposition and decided to resume their protests to force the power to open a genuine dialogue to define the conditions for the organization of free and transparent elections.

It is in this context that they decided to organize a peaceful march in Conakry and in all prefectures of Guinea, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012.

ADP and the Collective invite all their collective bodies of Commons and Conakry prefectures to consult and develop a common strategy to ensure the success of upcoming events.

ADP and the Collective are also launching an urgent appeal to their leaders, activists and supporters to remain mobilized and to get organized to oppose by all legal means an electoral census conducted by Waymark Sabary and Technology under the auspices of the current INEC. The stability and democratic future of our country is at stake.

The political parties of the ADP and of the Collective congratulate and thank their supporter and make a firm appeal to all to remain vigilant.[Google translation with editing by Guinea Oye!. Original document en francais.]

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