Guinea Update 9-17: CNT Passes Law Governing CENI|9-20 National Opp. March|9-28-09 Massacre Marches in NY and Paris|Diallo Receives Homecoming Worthy of a President (Pics)

CNT Passes Law Governing the Electoral Council, CENI

[Below is a Google translation into English, the highlighted link will take you to the original article in French.]

Politics: CNT adopted a new law on the INEC!

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The National Transitional Council has adopted this Monday, September 17, 2012 plenary Organic Law on the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC. Of the 120 members present, only four people abstained giving a virtual plebiscite on the new law.
Parity between the movement and the opposition
If the joint composition of INEC was maintained ie ten persons appointed by the presidential, ten persons appointed by the opposition, three people from civil society and two others by the administration (Ed.note, “administration ” refers to the Ministry of Territorial Administration and  Decentralization, essentially the Interior ministry) the centrists were superbly ignored by the new law.
According to the explanatory memorandum read by the rapporteur of the Committee on the bottom, Mr. Traoré, the CNT justifies the exclusion of centrist parties relying on Article 3, paragraph 4 of the Constitution which provides that “the rights political parties of the opposition to oppose by legal action from the government and propose alternatives are secured. ” Accordingly, adds Mr Traoré, “the NTC can not legislate the INEC that given two groups of parties: those who support the government action and those which the Constitution recognizes the right to oppose by legal means. Between the two groups, legally it could not find a place “centrism”.
Innovations of the new organic law.
The law adopted today provides a seven-year term non-renewable members of INEC, while the old law was silent on this issue.
For guaranteed not to paralyze the INEC, the legislature drafted Article 7 of the new law as follows: “non member designation (s) by (note the movement, the opposition, civil society and administration) within ten clear days, can not interfere with the installation and operation of INEC. However, the part that does not make the appointment (….) retains its right of appointment for the duration of the current term.
To ensure the independence of the members of INEC, Article 8, paragraph 3 states: “In the exercise of their duties, members of INEC shall not seek or receive instructions or orders of any public or private authority, including their original structure.
The office of Chairman of INEC is reserved exclusively for civil society who can be elected by an absolute majority on the first ballot and a relative majority in the second round.
Finally, given all the rumors of embezzlement that the electoral institution has known, the new law provides that “in the performance of its operating budget, INEC conducts at least once a year, an internal audit to ensure the correct application of the rules in force fiscal management. ” At the request of the government or financial and technical partners, the organization is also subject to an external audit.

Nationwide Opposition March, September 20

The opposition plans to hold a peaceful march on Thursday, September 20 in Conakry with similar marches to be held in all the prefectures throughout the country. The opposition was to have held a press conference today to specify details for the march but no word as of now. When more information becomes available, Guinea Oye! will report it.

Marches of Remembrance and Protest Regarding September 28, 2009 Massacre of Peaceful Opposition Supporters

The New York march will be held on Friday, September 28, 2012 and is sponsored by Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta Djallon. Details will be provided shortly.

Below, please find details (en francais) for the Paris march which will be held on Saturday, September 29.

Journée de commémoration à Paris du massacre du 28 septembre 2009 de Conakry

« La Justice en Guinée maintenant»

Les organisations guinéennes de la Société Civile en France, ainsi que LES ASSOCIATIONS GUINEENNES DE DEFENSES DES VICTIMES DE REPRESSIONS A CARACTERE POLITIQUE, convient tous les guinéens de France, d’Europe et les amis de la Guinée à la Grande Journée de Commémoration du massacre du 28 septembre 2009 qu’elles organisent, le samedi 29 septembre 2012 de 13h à 18h au 6 avenue Maurice Ravel Paris 75012.

Lieu de la rencontre :

6, avenue Maurice Ravel75012 PARIS

Quartier : Bercy – Gare de Lyon – Porte de Vincennes

Voiture : Porte de Vincennes

Bus : 29, 56, PC2, 351 ; Métro 1 : Arrêt Porte De Vincennes

En effet, cela fait déjà 3 ans depuis que la Guinée, a été endeuillée par le massacre de 157 militants pacifiques des Partis d’opposition, de milliers de militants blessés et de centaines de femmes violées. Mais depuis ce 28 septembre 2009, les familles des victimes attendent qu’une justice soit faite.

Ce 3ème anniversaire du massacre du 28 septembre 2009 doit marquer le véritable début du combat contre l’impunité en Guinée, des annonces seront faites dans ce sens.

Cette journée de Commémoration permettra de réveiller la mémoire collective guinéenne, de remettre la question de la justice et la fin de la culture de l’impunité dans le combat pour une Guinée Libre, Unie et Démocratique.

A travers cette journée de commémoration, des témoins vont s’exprimer sur ces évènements douloureux, des personnalités guinéennes et autres vont intervenir sur des thèmes relatifs à la justice en Guinée et enfin, un passage en revue des différentes procédures judiciaires en cours en Guinée, en Europe et aux Etats-Unis sera présenté.

Tous les guinéens et amis de la Guinée sont invités à participer à ce grand moment d’émotions et de recueillement à l’hommage des martyres du 28 septembre 2009 à Conakry.

La Commission d’organisation de la Journée de Commémoration

du massacre du 28 septembre 2009 en Guinée

Contacts : 06 51 77 69 99 / 06 65 56 58 28

Cellou Dalein Diallo Recieves a Homecoming Worthy of a President . . .

After Diallo’s trip to the US to observe the Democratic convention, his visit with supporters in New York and Washington, and his visits in Paris, he returned to Conakry on Sunday to a massive reception by his supporters. The crowd was so huge, one could not be faulted for thinking the president had returned. Of course, Diallo would have been the president at the end of the first round of the 2010 election because he finished with 53% of the votes. But then, Louceny Camara stole thousands of ballots denying him a first round victory and then proceeded to commit electoral fraud throughout the campaign until he was able to “install” Alpha Conde at Sekoutoureya Palace.

After seeing the following pictures of Diallo’s homecoming yesterday, you will understand why Alpha Conde, in the Spring of 2011, sent Guinean military with a “shoot to kill” order to the airport to get rid of the huge crowd gathered to greet Diallo after a long stay outside the country. People were shot and killed, seriously injured and jailed by the hundreds. But, in the end you can’t hide the truth, can you?

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