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Camara Resigns as CENI Prez: Another Ruse by the International Community

September 6, 2012

Guinea’s “ninja” cops in 2010:  A 2012 legislative election will make this look like a cakewalk

No doubt, Louceny Camara’s resignation letter was prepared a while back, waiting for the inevitable moment when the international community would up the ante on Conde. The international community told Conde to get rid of Camara, not because he committed gross election fraud in 2010 nor because of the opposition’s certainty that he would do it again in the legislative election, but to use it as leverage against the opposition. Sending Camara on a permanent holiday (he will probably be given an ambassadorship) satisfies a long-time demand of the opposition which the international community will use to extract concessions from opposition leaders in order to force elections that can be nothing short of fraudulent.

What Guinea woke up to this morning is a repeat of 2010, when the international community shamelessly forced elections to appease investors and looked the other way as people were murdered, raped, and disenfranchised. Just as 2010 brought Guineans an election-stealing, ethnic-baiting tyrant, legislative elections will be fraudulent, thereby further entrenching Conde’s regime, and increasing the possibility of an ethnic civil war.

There’s nothing to savor nor celebrate in the announcement of Camara’s resignation because nothing is straightforward in the land of Alpha Conde and the next double-cross is just around the corner.

More later . . .

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