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ECOWAS-African Union-UN Delegation in Conakry Today?

September 5, 2012

Guinean news sites are reporting that a joint ECOWAS-African Union-United Nations delegation will be in Conakry today to talk about the current political situation with Conde and PM Fofana, CNT president Rabiatou Sera Diallo and opposition leaders. The President of the ECOWAS Commission, Desiré Kadré Ouadraégo, from Burkina Faso, is leading the delegation. While the specific agenda for the meetings has not been made public, it appears that the first order of business will be to catalogue the concerns of Guinea’s political class in a summary document.

While a few opposition leaders have called for ECOWAS, AU, and UN intervention in the the political and institutional crisis in Guinea, the arrival of the delegation seems sudden. In particular, two of the primary opposition leaders, Cellou Diallo and Sidya Toure, are in the US attending the Democratic National Convention. One has to wonder if the Conde administration, realizing the best offense might be a good defense, orchestrated the delegation’s immediate presence in Conakry today to quell future calls by the opposition for international intervention in Guinea.

Stay tuned . . .

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