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Media Foundation for West Africa Condemns Brutalization of Radio Journalists by Conde Loyalists and Shutdown of Liberte FM by Gov’t.

September 3, 2012

Conde’s RPG thugs, prefect capos, Malinke militias, Donzos (hunters turned mercenaries), state security forces posing as civilians, and a CENI run by convicted felon (election fraud), Louceny Camara –- and you thought Charles Taylor was the only bad guy in West Africa.

In days after Conde’s stolen election, police repress Peuhls, such as this young man in Bambeto

Media Foundation for West Africa (Accra)

Press Release

Guinea: Nation Alert: Ruling Party Militants Violently Assault Radio Journalists, Destroy Equipment.

29 August 2012

Six journalists from privately-owned Espace FM and Renaissance FM on August 27, 2012, were severely beaten by a group of men believed to be supporters of the ruling People’s Rally of Guinea (RPG).

The journalists, Abdourahmane Diallo, Moussa Moise Sylla, Tissata Diakité from Espace FM and Ibrahima Sory Soumah, Mahamadou Alpha Baldé and David Toundoufeindouno from Renaissance FM respectively, sustained several bruises.

Moussa Moise Soumah who was seriously wounded received treatment at the hospital.

According to the Media Foundation for West Africa’s (MFWA) correspondent, the attack on the journalists occurred when they were on their way to report on some opposition leaders who had being prevented by the police from demonstrating against the authorities in Matoto, a suburb of Conakry, the capital.

On reaching Matoto, the vehicle conveying the journalists was stopped at a roadblock mounted by the militants, who smashed the car, dragged out the journalists and beat them with tree trunks and leather belts.

According to the correspondent, the attackers who threatened to kill the journalists should they come to the area again, also seized and destroyed the reporting equipment of the journalists.

It took the intervention of the police to free the journalists from the militants.

The MFWA is unhappy by this inhumane treatment and demands that the authorities investigate this incident and bring the culprits to book.

Media Foundation for West Africa (Accra)

Press Release

Nation Alert – Authorities Shut Down Liberté FM

29 August 2012

Zakaria Camara, acting prefect of N’zérékoré, a town about 1000 kilometres to the south of Conakry, the capital, on August 26, 2012 closed down Liberté FM, a privately-owned radio station based in the town without any reason.

Camara also chased the journalists out of the station and labelled them persona non grata.

The Media Foundation for West Africa’s (MFWA) correspondent reported that, the acting prefect had invited Alpha Saliou Diallo, director of Liberté FM to his (Camara) office to inform him about the authorities’ decision to close down the station.

“I have not been able to fathom out the reason for closing down my radio station. I have not done anything to compromise the peace in the city, but they notified me and I had to obey” said Saliou.

According to Diallo, the National Board for Communication, the media regulatory body told him they have not had any information about the closing down of his radio station.

The MFWA joins media associations in Guinea to condemn this disruptive and inexplicable act and demand that Liberté FM be allowed to resume broadcast immediately.

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