Guinea 8-31: Conde Sends Emissaries to Opp. Leaders, Toure to Attend US Democratic Convention, Opp. Reps Resign from Cabinet and CENI, Next Opp. March – 9-20, and Conde’s Son in London with Mines Minister to Stop a Leak

After Assassination Attempt, Conde Sends Emissaries to Sidya Toure is reporting that on Wednesday, August 29, two Conde representatives arrived at Toure’s office to ask if he could meet with the president. Toure said such a meeting was out of the question.

It appears that emissaries visited both Lansana Kouyate and Cellou Dalein Diallo to ask them to meet with Conde as well.

Sidya Toure Will Attend the Democratic Convention in the U. S. is reporting Sidya Toure, former Prime Minister, former presidential candidate, current opposition party leader, and now, after Monday, a target of a Guinean government assassination attempt, has been invited to attend the U. S. Democratic convention in Charlotte, NC., September 4-6.

While we don’t know who invited him, it is likely that Guineans who have been in the U. S. for a long time and have strong ties to the Democratic Party greased the skids to make it happen.

This news is all the buzz in Guinea. It is rumored that Toure is taking with him plenty of information revealing Alpha Conde’s authoritarian and corrupt government and its deleterious effect on the people.

Opposition Representatives Resign from Government Cabinet, CENI and maybe CNT

Lansana Kouyate confirmed yesterday that both opposition ministers, Koulibaly and Cisse, resigned from the cabinet. This morning, seven members of the CENI resigned. In addition, as many as eight opposition representatives may resign from the National Transition Council.

Next Opposition March – September 20

The opposition has decided march again on September 20. Details to come.

Guinea Human Rights Group Statement on Events of August 27, 2012

FIDH Statement and OGDH

The Guinean authorities must ensure the safety of the protesters and to organize elections

FIDH and its member organization in Guinea OGDH, are deeply concerned about the political and security situation prevailing in Conakry, following the violence that erupted on the sidelines of an event, Monday, Aug. 27. Our organizations call the Guinean government, the police and the opposition parties to refrain from violence and the establishment of a consensual framework for the parliamentary elections, the last step political transition initiated in 2010.

Monday, August 27, 2012, many confrontations took place in Conakry, in common Dixinn and Matoto particular between security forces and supporters of the main opposition parties, meeting within the Collective political parties the completion of the transition (LPCP) and the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP), which had called for a protest in favor of the organization of elections. This day was marked by the arrest of dozens of opposition activists and injuring many others, both in the ranks of the demonstrators and within law enforcement.

According to reports, several political leaders were attacked by agents of the police and gendarmerie, including Diallo, President of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), whose home was the target of several tear gas grenades in the morning, and Lansana Kouyate, president of the Party of Hope for National Development (SARP), which saw his car get several shots of nature still undetermined formally, while also carrying Mr. Diallo and Mr. Sidya Touré, President of the Union of Republican Forces (UFR) in the afternoon.

“It is important to clarify as soon as possible on the violence yesterday, which it seems that they could exceed the strict framework of policing and ensure in all circumstances the safety and law to show politicians and their supporters, “said Paul Nsapu, Secretary General of FIDH, who added:” if we welcome the absence of the military in law enforcement, which is now up exclusively the police and gendarmerie, the Guinean authorities must ensure the use of conventional weapons and non-lethal, and a proportional use of force. ‘

This violence is part of a particularly tense political context around the organization of elections and negotiations on the composition of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) (cf. commemoration-of). Previous events, particularly May 10, 2012 and September 27, 2011, had already led to significant violence.

“Guinea, with the organization of free and transparent presidential elections in 2010 which saw Alpha Condé to power, is committed towards establishing the rule of law. It is urgent that it completes its political transition by organizing elections at the end of an inclusive process, in accordance with the Ouagadougou Accords of 15 January 2010. Guineans in general aspire to democracy and respect for human rights, “said Thierno Maadjou Sow, president of the OGDH.

Conde’s Son, Mohamed, and Mines Minister, Mohamed Lamin Fofana, in London is reporting that Mohamed Conde and Mines minister, Fofana, travelled to London this week to meet with the mining lobby to stop a leak about Alpha Conde’s “shell game” management of the country’s resources which allows him to pocket millions. Supposedly, mining companies decided to collaborate in outing Conde as well as Tony Blair, former British prime minister and Bernard Kouchner, former French foreign minister, and Conde’s best friend since grade schoo regarding mining swindling schemes. Both Blair and Kouchner visited Guinea recently. Blair told Conde in a press conference in Conakry that he could connect him with mining lobbying representatives. Conde responded that Blair’s “address book will be very helpful.” Let’s see what gifts son, Mohamed, and Fofana bear upon their return.

All the Young Opposition Supporters Arrested by Police Monday Have Been Released

Young opposition supporters, arrested on Monday when they attempted to exercise their constitutional rights to free speech and free movement, have been released from jail, including the son of opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo.


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