(VIDEO) Political Violence in Guinea: The Opposition, The Assassins, and a People Ready to End Conde’s Rule

This is an 11 minute video filmed yesterday, August 27, which chronicles opposition leaders as they attempt to make the trip from Lansana Kouyate’s home to the roundabout in Matoto where opposition supporters were waiting. As you will see, things did not work out so well. The video begins at the home of Lansana Kouyate with Cellou Dalein Diallo, UFDG party president, recounting his experience earlier in the morning when the police tear gassed his home, an assault the police repeated every 15 minutes. You will also hear from Lansana Kouyate as well. Then, Diallo, Kouyate, and Sidya Toure head off in a short caravan to meet with supporters. It is just a minute or so, after the cars leave Kouyate’s, that gendarmes lob tear gas at the entourage. Note that Diallo, Toure and Kouyate are riding in an armored BMW,which saved their lives a short time later when security forces fired bullets and aimed a grenade at the gas tank of the car. Diallo’s account of what transpired throughout the day yesterday appears further below.

Citizens in Kouyate’s neighborhood, angry over the tear gassing of their leaders, hurl stones. Police move in closer to Kouyate’s house letting off several canisters of tear gas which overcome several people.

Diallo, Toure and Kouyate return to Kouyate’s house after having survived the assassination attack. The procurer in Mofanco arrives at Kouyate’s house. It’s not clear if he was asked to come by the opposition or sent there by Conde to do some damage control. After the visit, he gives reporters an interview, but it is nearly impossible to hear him because the entire community is in the street shouting “assassins” at the procurer and the gendarmes. Next, you will see a portion of a press conference at Kouyate’s home in which opposition spokesperson, Aboubacar Sylla, announces the opposition’s decision to withdraw all their representatives from the CENI, CNT, and the government cabinet. As of this morning, both opposition cabinet ministers from the PEDN (Kouyate) resigned. In addition, spokesman Sylla announces the opposition’s intention to lodge charges against Conde and the government for the attempted assassination and the gassing of homes.

Somewhere after the press conference you will get to see the armored BMW with the dents made by bullets and other objects, including a grenade. The video closes with opposition leaders leaving Kouyate’s and heading back to their homes.

It is best if you play the video full screen, to better catch some words at the bottom which are difficult to read.

Below is Cellou Dalein Diallo’s report and thoughts about a violent day in Guinea. This is a rough Google translation, but you will get the idea:

Event of 27 August, President Cellou Dalein takes stock

Category: The News
Created on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 9:21

Cellou Dalein Diallo President Lansana Kouyaté in Cellou Dalein Diallo President Lansana Kouyaté in

“I begin by expressing my disappointment with the animosity against my person and my home. Early in the morning, a large number of police and gendarmes appeared before my gate. I immediately asked to be left in place. But a few moments later, they raided my house to spray the whole house with tear gas inside the courtyard, rooms, toilets and kitchen. They were sprayed to the point that I could not see my wife two meters. Every fifteen minutes, they sprayed again.
All my business, all my area and my neighbors were flooded with smoke. They have undergone this form of repression gas that was meant for me. But these are instructions from Mecca to try to intimidate me. I do not know why the government has gone so far, giving instructions to violate the home of a leader.
They have sprayed gas all morning. Finally, when Sidya was informed, he came home around 10:30. Babies and young children were there. One of them is also broke syncope. But our doctors managed to revive him. Each of us was able to protect themselves as they can. And after we forced the situation to try to get out of there and go under difficult conditions. But I was happy and relieved when back in Hamdallaye-axis Bambeto, we saw young stand before a massive contingent forces. They have been beaten with batons and tear gas.
Throughout the course, we have not been spared. Instead, we were sprayed with tear gas, maintaining our agents who were beaten and arrested around. The procession often broken in places. Nevertheless, we succeeded Sidya and me to return home Lansana Kouyaté, while the actual work has not begun. Once Matoto, we decided to join militants in the street.
Unfortunately, our exit, the whole area is completely besieged by police, who have not hesitated to irrigate tear gas at us and throw rocks at us out of ammunition. Finally, we turned back. Now we are preparing a new strategy to deal with this unprecedented violence and irresponsible government which gave new instructions to the security forces to suppress this event which takes place in accordance with the law that the constitution gives parties and citizens.
After I left, they arrested people, kidnapped three pickup and arrested young people who are at home. Currently, they are held at the squadron number 3 of the gendarmerie of Matam. We recorded as injured Mr Bobo For example, it has a fracture. He underwent treatment at the Donka National Hospital because he was pummeled. Those who are not injured, they are transferred to the police.
The campaign of intimidation began Sunday at 11 am with the arrest of two young leaders of my party. All their crime is to have called out to other young people on Monday. Until midnight, they had no right to visit or to any meal. Nine other people were also arrested and are the gendarmerie.
Previously, they were soon arrested my son. They accuse him of having prepared the way, while I told him to stay home, not to get involved because as a soldier, he has obligations. Nevertheless, they arrested him to intimidate me and break me. At the time I speak, it is held at the gendarmerie of Matam.
So, let’s get out and see the sympathy that has led the way here, despite the deployment of security forces, despite the hard work, the repression forces are currently impose young, we feel that Guineans are not ready to give up the fight for democracy and this is what encourages us more.


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