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GUINEA MARCH: The 411 – State Security Fires Shots at Car Carrying Cellou Diallo, Sidya Toure, and Lansana Kouyate

August 27, 2012

Government Attempts to Assassinate Opposition Leaders Who then Withdraw Their Representatives from Republican Institions

Guinean government security forces attempted to assassinate former prime ministers and opposition leaders Sidya Toure, Cellou Dalein Diallo and Lansana Kouyate as they rode in Kouyate’s car after being turned away from the gathering site of the march. No one was hurt, only because Kouyate’s car is armored. The opposition leaders retreated to the home of Kouyate in Matoto after the incident. Security forces are maintaining a tight perimeter on Kouyate’s home with reports of tear gas.

The Guinean opposition has just released the news that:

The opposition decided to “suspend the participation of their members in republican institutions,” said opposition leader, Faya Millimono, by phone this afternoon.

The opposition withdraws its representatives from the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), the National Transition Council (CNT) and the cabinet of the government. An opposition source says that the decision is effective immediately and that “Guinea has become a rogue state.” is reporting that the government has just announced that it will move forward with a proposal for reconstitution of the CENI. This smells like a ruse and we will return later with more information on this.

 Other Opposition March News in Brief

-Tidiane Diallo, son of opposition leader, Cellou Diallo was arrested in the wee hours of the morning today as he exited a nightclub. He was arrested after the police checked his I. D.

-Two opposition leaders arrested last night: Aliou Doumbouya, Secretary-General of the Union of Republican Forces UFR and Alpha Oumar Barry Koura of the Unity and Freedom Party

-Early this morning, state security surrounded Cellou Diallo’s house where a large number of opposition activists had gathered.  Security  threw tear gas to disperse the crowd.
-Diallo says nine UFDG arrested thus far.  They are being held in Matam and are not allowed visitors.  Many more were arrested and later we should have an approximate number.
Stay Tuned . . .
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