Guinea: Attempted Assassination of Opposition Leaders Was Planned, Conde’s Thugs Try to Hang a Journalist, and Final Declaration of Opposition’s Withdrawal of Reps to Republican Institutions

Survivors of Conde’s Assassination Attempt Gathered at Kouyate’s Home: L to R,  Lansana Kouyate, Sidya Toure, and Cellou Dalein Diallo, all former prime ministers, all former presidential candidates and all leaders of their opposition parties.  According to Sidya Toure, today’s attempt was designed to “decapitate” the opposition.

The tear gas has subsided and some of those who were at “ground zero” today are reflecting on the day’s events.

Conde Ordered Assassaintion of Opposition Leaders

Sidya Toure, former prime minister, former presidential candidate and opposition leader was with opposition leaders, Cellou Diallo and Lansana Kouyate today, when the car they were riding in was fired upon by state security forces. No one was hurt because the car is armored. Further, Toure said state security tossed a grenade inside the car which was tossed back out. A grenade was thrown on top of the car. Just think a grenade on top of a car full of gasoline. Imagine the catastrophe.

Sidya confirms that he and other opposition leaders were aware Conde ordered their assassination and that it was planned even before the massacres in Zogota in early August.

As the three opposition leaders approached Kouyate’s home, there were members of militias nearby, many carrying machetes.

Please see Le Guepard for more information. 

RPG Activist Harass Journalist, One Almost Hanged

Yesterday at Nongo stadium, journalists attracted the most state security repression. They were surrounded, manhandled and threatened. Today, the level of violence against journalists went up a few notches. A media team from Espace radio and TV were in transit to the home of Lansana Kouyate when they were stopped at a roadblock manned by RPG activists. They told the journalists that media were not allowed any closer to Kouyate’s home. RPG activists stoned the journalists’ car and attempted to wrest it away from its owners. The RPG activists attempted to hang a reporter from Renaissance FM news, but the situation was defused, and he came away unharmed. The word is that RPG activists are collaborating with some members of the gendarmerie in a variety of activities, including roadblocks. For more information please see article at the website of Guinee-Conakry.


Opposition Finalizes Statement on Withdrawal of Their Representatives to the CENI, CNT, Government Cabinet

Earlier today, the opposition leadership announced it had decided to withdraw their representatives to the CENI, CNT, and Government cabinet. The only opposition representatives in the cabinet are from Lansana Kouyate’s party, the PEDN. Kouyate announced later today that, “there will be no PEDN representatives in the cabinet.”

The opposition formalized its decision in a declaration issued later today that you can read at Africaguinee


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