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Guinea’s Conde Makes Preemptive Strike: Arrests Opposition Officials BEFORE Tomorrow’s March

August 26, 2012

May 10, 2012 opposition march:  “NOW THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! and what Alpha Conde doesn’t want the world to see again tomorrow

On the eve of the opposition march in Conakry, the Conde administration has begun to arrest opposition officials. On Sunday afternoon, the government arrested a dozen opposition activists in the town of Ratoma, a suburb of Conakry. Three UFDG officials were arrested by a squadron of mounted police in Matam: Aliou Barry, Mohamed Keita, Federal Secretary UFDG Matoto and Alpha Oumar Diallo, Secretary in charge of Information and Communication Federal Bureau UFDG Ratoma.

No legal reason was given for their arrests. Yet, in Conde’s Guinea, legal charges are not necessary to incarcerate citizens. Obviously, the intent of these arrests is to intimidate the opposition, especially the political party of Cellou Dalein Diallo, the UFDG.

The Guinean army is not allowed on the streets tomorrow, neither in uniform nor in civilian clothes, and are confined to their barracks. Yet, there have been too many instances in the last several years where military soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes, have conducted violent, deadly acts under government orders. It happened in Siguiri and Kouroussa during the 2010 election campaign, at the September 27, 2011, opposition march, and the most recent example is the night time massacre of residents in Zogota where six people were killed and several injured.

The Governor of Conakry, Resco Camara, is warning that all violence will be the responsibility of the opposition.  The tranlation of this Condespeak is that the violence will be committed by the police and all the blame will be put on the opposition.

 Power to the People of Guinea!

Stay tuned . .

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