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Declaration of the Crisis Committee on the Massacres in Zogota: These Are Crimes Against Humanity! Plus, Slideshow on Zogota

August 9, 2012


Note that, at the end of this declaration, there is an announcement of a press conference scheduled for today, Thursday, by this group. The press conference took place and the Crisis Committee announced that it intends to file a complaint against the State of Guinea for its alleged role in the violence that erupted last week in N’Zerekore which led to five deaths and several wounded.

Declaration of the Crisis Committee on the massares in Zogota:  These are crimes against humanity

It is with indignation that we learned the news about the massacres of peaceful people sleeping at the time, in the village of Zoghota, N’Zérékoré Prefecture, Guinea. These barbaric acts of another age were perpetrated on the night of Friday 3 to Saturday, August 4, 2012 by forces of defense and security to the orders of the authorities of the Republic of Guinea.

The tally reveals five people shot dead, three seriously injured by bullets also, several missing, probably killed, and twenty victims arrested, tortured and held in place not identified.

Faced with the enormity of the loss of 4 August 2012, we start first by presenting our most heartfelt condolences to the bereaved and to all the people of Guinea. We pray for the repose of the souls of the dead and wish speedy recovery to those injured. We condemn the killings and then demand the immediate and unconditional release of arrested victims and the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry to shed light, any light, on this matter.

Attackers arriving in the middle of the night to implement a premeditated plan; inspired by a policy to force citizens to remain silent despite the violations of their rights in peacetime and that the victims were unarmed civilians.These massacres are not only a grave and flagrant violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution Guinean May 2010, but especially crimes against humanity.

It should be noted that the demonstration on 31 July 2012 of the population against the Zoghota VALE Mining Company, which seems to have angered the authorities, is not the first one in the Republic of Guinea. Indeed, in September 2011, Kiniero populations, in the Prefecture of Kouroussa, demonstrated against the SOMAFO. In November 2011, Lola populations demonstrated against the Iron Mining Company of Guinea (SMFG). All these events have one common denominator: discrimination in the hiring process for those in the local population. The method used to resolve the crisis amicably in Kiniero in Kouroussa, are strangely in contrast to the barbaric and criminal acts committed against a peaceful and unarmed populations of Lola Zoghota. This provides sufficient evidence that the current government and its decentralized structures do not address the citizens on the same footing.

The outbreak of killings immediately after the site visit to the Vale Mining Company by five government ministers Said Fofana, their refusal to return to Zoghota to witness heinous crimes before returning to Conakry, their denial on local radio of the fact that residents were killed. Instead, their only concern was for damage to the infrastructure and facilities of the Vale Mining Company. Yet, there is sufficient evidence of the participation of defense forces and security in the killings which points to the direct responsibility of governments at the highest level.

Given the extreme gravity of the crimes committed, we demand the dismissal and arrest of the five ministers who carried out the mission Zoghota in the days immediately preceding the night of the killings as well as the Governor and the Prefect of N ‘ Zérékoré, the Sub-Prefect of Kobela and the hierarchy of uniformed (military, gendarmes and police officers) who participated in the massacres.

We invite all those peace-loving and justice to remain mobilized until the establishment of justice for victims and their families.

After the sentencing phase current, keep in mind the need for all Guineansl who dream of a united Guinea, that is peaceful and prosperous, should break the silence and hold the conviction that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and their accomplices will be dealt with by national or international justice. A panel of lawyers has been formed, a crisis committee is already operational and the mission at the site of massacres is in preparation.

A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow Thursday, August 9, 2012 at the Maison de la Presse. For information, contact Daniel at Kolié 64885025 or 64592833 to Aly Amadou Diallo or Aboubacar Camara 64418490.

Let us not yield to division because it has always been used by dictators and, above all, it benefits them.

For the Crisis Committee, Faya L. Millimouno

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