Conde Blamed for Police-Military Refusal to Protect Siguiri Residents Awakened by Automatic Gunfire and Looting –No Wonder, the Military was In On It (Also Video of 2010 Attack on Siguiri)

One person was killed by military forces this week in Siguiri when, after assailants entered town shooting looting businesses, residents rioted against the prefecture and military camp because of inaction on the part of police and soldiers to provide protection. Residents are quite certain that this incident is politically-motivated and blame the Conde government. Two articles below tell the story.

This is not the first time that Siguiri has been the target of politically-motivated attacks. During the final days in the run up to the second round of the presidential election, Siguiri, as well as other towns, such as Kouroussa, were targeted by the Conde campaign for an attack. After Conde and his RPG constructed a monstrous lie that Peuls were responsible for trying to poison his supporters at a rally, Conde, Francois Fall, Jean-Marie Dore, Sekouba Konate, etc., incited Malinkes (supplemented by military soldiers dressed in civilian clothes) to attack residents in these towns, loot their businesses, and burn their homes and businesses. Many residents were critically injured by machetes and one resident died from a machete lodged in his head. Why these particular towns? The RPG gauged that if their supporters attacked towns where the opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo had the most support, the residents would flee, and be unable to vote in the election. Their calculation was right; the residents fled by the thousands and were unable to vote.  A violent, cruel plot to disenfranchise the people of Guinea.  For more information on the violent disenfranchisement campaign of the RPG in the second round of the 2010 election, please see a previous post on Guinea Oye, dated October, 25, 2010:  Malinkes on a Rampage in Several Towns Attacking Peuls – International Troops are Needed Now



The following articles regarding the most recent attacks on Siguiri were translated into English using Google:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 6:13 p.m.

alpha_conde_nvo Traders Siguiri gold town northeast of Guinea-Conakry, regularly suffer attacks of highwaymen. One of our Observers in this city, a seller of gold detectors, tells how his store has been robbed without that law enforcement does not raise a finger to help.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, robbers have attacked shops gold detectors, in this city where gold mining is the main activity. Awakened by gunfire, residents tried to defend their businesses, using stones and a few barricades, but they soon found themselves powerless against individuals armed with automatic rifles. They alerted the military of the two army bases present in Siguiri, and the prefect of police and gendarmerie, but waited in vain for their intervention.

The inaction of the authorities has angered the population. Early Tuesday morning, traders, accompanied by young, marched through the city streets. They burned tires and attacked the residence of the prefect as well as a military camp with stones and burning sticks. The army responded by firing on the procession, killing one young demonstrator 12 and injuring two people.

Wednesday, calm has returned to Siguiri, although many shops remained closed. An investigation was initiated at the request of the Government to clarify the circumstances of the death of the young demonstrator. According to a police officer of the city told AFP, the regional governor promised “sanctions against the laxity of some elements of the armed forces”.

“We think there is complicity between some soldiers and the bandits in search of gold”

Ibrahima is Doumbaya merchant. His store was robbed on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

“When we went to the first military camp in the city to seek help, the soldiers told us they could not intervene as they had not been ordered. So I called myself Colonel of the base. He said he was in Conakry and that nothing could be decided at a distance. The soldiers then told us they had no ammunition and the door of their stockpile of weapons was locked for the night.

We then went to the police. The police told us they were ready to intervene. They boarded their pick-up and followed us into the city center. But the first shot fired by the bandits, they turned back and we did not see them return. We took a last chance by going to the second military base Siguiri, one commando rangers. Again, the military told us to go ahead, making sure they were coming. But they never came.

“I saw firsthand the bandits dressed in uniform of military”

Meanwhile, many young people came down to lend a hand up barricades to protect the most shops. The entire population of the city was awake, many people were mobilized, but not a single military intervened. The bandits looted for two hours. In my business, they stole three gold detectors to 60 million Guinean francs each [over 6000 euros, note].

Today, we are very angry against the authorities because they have completely abandoned. Moreover, we believe that there are certain complicity between soldiers and the bandits. The army had established a system of night patrol in the city, but it did not dampen the robbers. During the looting of Monday night, I saw firsthand the bandits dressed in keeping military [other witnesses agree on this point, note]. That’s why we call the unconditional departure of chief of police and military leaders of the two bases of the city. “

Source: france24

Riots in Siguiri: Behind the scenes of a military crackdown army


Wednesday, August 8, 2012 9:31

vignette_soldats_manifestants A violent demonstration of merchants, disgusted by insecurity, was brutally repressed, Tuesday, Siguiri, in north-eastern Guinea. At least one person was shot dead and five wounded.

After the police violence of the night from Friday to Saturday which killed five people in south-east, at a demonstration of villagers challenging the recruitment policy of the Brazilian mining company Vale, Guinea was Tuesday, August 7 the scene of new clashes in Siguiri, in the northeast.

Angered by the growing insecurity in the mining town – Monday, gunmen wearing the uniforms of the Guinean army tried to rob the safe of the office of a seller of gold – traders took to the streets with determined to walk on the prefecture. The security forces fired shots into the air to stop the progression of demonstrators who are holed up behind barricades. After having set fire to tires, they stormed and ransacked the home of the prefect, who, the sources said, was forced to take refuge with his family in a military camp. The attackers then targeted the same camp with stones and sticks burning, burning two army vehicles and five motorcycles.

“The security forces have killed a person to live bullet, a youth of twenty years this (Tuesday) morning and wounded five others when we tried to walk on the prefecture” of the city, said a witness attached Conakry.

His comments were confirmed by an official of the Guinean Red Cross and a police officer, Sény Camara.

For its part, the government has indicated that an investigation had been opened to clarify the circumstances under which these protesters were shot dead.


“We are appalled, incensed against the growing insecurity in the city while there are two military camps, a gendarmerie station and two police stations,” said one protester.

“Today, nobody is going to work here. We would like the city. We want to know why there are so insecure in our city, “said another protester, adding that” if it is because of gold that is exploited here, we will close the Ashanti Goldfields Company ( SAG) “.

“The prefectural authorities have received the regional governor, Nawa Damet, who promised sanctions against the laxity of some elements of law enforcement,” said police officer Sény Camara, adding that “the forces of order were put on alert until the end of the week. “

Source: AFP


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