Guinea’s Disappeared Diplomat: Open Letter from Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta-Djallon to Justice Minister Christian Sow

An organization of Guineans, Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta-Djallon, wrote a letter this week to Guinea’s Justice Minister, Christian Sow, demanding answers about the disappearance of Ibrahima Kane Diallo, Guinean Consul in Togo. Diallo disappeared after arriving in Guinea on June 15 for a meeting that Alpha Conde requested he attend.  He has not been heard from since.

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Open letter to Mr. Christian Sow, Attorney General of Guinea about the kidnapping and the disappearance of Mr. Ibrahima Kane Diallo, Consul of Guinea in Togo

Me Christian Sow, Attorney General

C/O Embassy of Guinea

2112 Leroy Place

Washington DC, 20008

July 30th, 2012

This letter is being written by members and supporters of Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta-Jallon around the world.

Its purpose is to draw your attention on the fate of Mr. Ibrahim Kane Diallo, the Honorary Consul of Guinea in Lome, Togo, who was arrested on June 14, 2012 upon arrival at Conakry airport. He has remained missing since then.

According to information obtained, Ibrahima Kane Diallo traveled to Guinea at the request of the President of Guinea. Upon landing in Conakry, Mr. Ibrahima Kane telephoned his family to tell them that he was heading to the presidency, from where he called them again to indicate that he was in a meeting.

This was the last time the family heard from Mr. Diallo Ibrahima Kane. Since then, all sorts of rumors about his fate have circulated. His family and friends live in the fear and the dilemma of speaking out or keeping silent. This situation is the result of a tradition of the psychosis of terror systems that Guinea has experienced. The arrest and incommunicado detention of citizens on the basis of rumors of conspiracy is the hallmark of the terror that still holds Guinea in a grisly past that all citizens and friends of the country want to abolish. The case of Mr. Ibrahima Kane Diallo confirms the image of “banana republic” justice at your ministry. The casual releases of people accused of the alleged attack of July 2011 and the prolonged and illegal detention of persons that have been cleared by the court is another illustration.

The disappearance of Mr. Ibrahima Kane Diallo is part of the thread of violations of justice under your administration and that of President Alpha Condé. As Justice Minister, you are well aware that you are directly responsible for these deeds.

Our association urges you to proceed, if warranted, to a proper indictment with charges against Mr. Ibrahima Kane Diallo and grant him his rights under the constitution, including the right to family visits and the right to consult with an attorney.

Otherwise, you must order his immediate release with compensation as the oath you took to defend the constitutional right of citizens requires you to do. This, however, will not release you of the perjury of violation of a citizen’s rights.

Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta-Jallon has taken steps to alert human rights organizations and the international community about the kidnapping of Mr. Ibrahima Kane Diallo, as well as other crimes being committed against innocent citizens under your auspices.

You can be assured, Mr. Minister that we will spare no effort to shed light on this arrest and to emphasize that your ministry’s duty is to deliver justice so that it may serve the people in Guinea.



  1. Amnesty International –
  2. Embassy of Guinea in Washington
  3. State Department
  4. OGDH
  5. FIDH
  7. Embassy of Togo and diplomatic missions in Guinea
  8. Human Rights Watch
  9. International Crisis Group
  10. A Human Rights Office in Conakry
  11. Human Rights First
  12. United Nations, New York
  13. Jeune Afrique
  14. Voice Of America

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