GUINEA UPDATE 7-31: Tony Blair’s Talons in Guinea and Guinean Diplomat Disappears . . . in Guinea!

Blair and Conde in July 30 press conference in Conakry

Tony Blair Has It All Figured Out – This Should Make Guineans Very, Very Nervous

Tony Blair, war criminal by virtue of his gleeful collaboration with George Bush in bogus, illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, was in Guinea for a few days this week to confer with Alpha Conde on mining and legislative election issues. In a press conference at Sekoutoureya palace on Monday, Blair, when asked about rumors of his involvement in cutting Guinean mining deals, stated that reports are overblown and that he simply offers Conde “general advice.”

Yet, Blair stressed the need for African countries to retain sufficient legal expertise to negotiate with high-powered, mining company lawyers. And, the well from which Guinea will drink this necessary expertise? You guessed it, Chez Tony. Of course, the implication is that Blair will have the inside scoop on every Guinean mining deal, allowing him to muck around in a virtual sea of Guinean resources. Conde highlighted the value of a relationship with Blair by saying, rather crassly, that Blair’s “address book could be very helpful to Guinea.”

Switching from his mining persona, Blair donned his African Governance Initiative hat and weighed in on Guinea’s legislative elections. Blair stated that it is “technically possible” to hold legislative elections before the end of the year. One has to wonder what his response would be to the question of whether those elections might be free and fair, as well.

More later on Blair’s status as a war criminal and how his “African Governance Initiative” is his ticket to roam the continent to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for personal wealth.

What happened to diplomat Ibrahima Diallo?

Guinean Diplomat in Togo Disappears in Guinea!

Back in June, Alpha Conde requested his consul in Togo, Ibrahim Kane Diallo, to come to Guinea to meet with him. Diallo arrived at Conakry-Gbessia airport on June 15.  He was last heard from by his family as he left the airport heading for Sekoutoureya palace. Six weeks later, there is no definitive word regarding his whereabouts.  Many believe he has been arrested.

On July 30, the organization, Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta-Jallon, wrote Guinean Minister of Justice, Christian Sow, requesting information about Mr. Diallo and demanding that the Minister protect his constitutional rights. More on this in a later post.


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