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Alpha Conde in Paris: When You Steal an Election, the Opposition is Everywhere

June 29, 2012

MAY 10, 2012, Conakry, Guinea:  80,000+ opposition supporters,

Alpha Conde just finished a whirlwind tour of Brazil, Thailand and Malaysia. Before he returns to Guinea, he will make one more stop,in France, which perhaps will be his most important, and most tricky, visit yet. Conde hopes, and needs, to be received by France’s new president, Francois Hollande, but as of today, there is no such visit planned. Conde sent a message to congratulate Hollande for winning the election and, falling back on his “socialist” moniker, that is, if it ever applied, referenced their days as comrades and promised continued solidarity. It is unclear if Conde ever met Hollande.

Conde’s only political cheerleader in France is the former foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, who has been a close friend of his since they met in school. The successful theft of the Guinea presidency can be attributed to many, but none more than Bernard Kouchner, who managed the process, from soup to nuts, to install Alpha Conde at Sekoutoureya Palace.

Conde lived in France for 59 years and it appears that most Guineans are still not clear about his education and the line of work he pursued there. He is called “Professor,” but is this a legitimately acquired appellation? Regardless, one thing Guineans do know is that Conde cannot legitimately be called “President.”

After you steal an election, you get hit between the eyes with the fact that you don’t have a mandate to govern. Without a legislature, you rule by decree and the arrogance of your arbitrary decisions builds resentment among the people. Those that didn’t vote for you and who know you stole the election, know that, for the people of Guinea, it is best if you leave office. You dig in your heels and, when not churning out decrees, you busy yourself by ordering human rights abuses, including extra-judicial killings and illegal detentions. Your violations of the constitution mount, as do claims that you are a traitor, and the people begin to call for your immediate ouster. But this is what the big armies, the ethnic militias, and assorted security forces are for, right? When the number of people who want you ousted balloons and you wake up to a huge march, such as the one on May 10, with 80,000+ opposition supporters in the streets, you have no other card to play, but to send in the security forces and repress the marchers. You do your best to play down the significance of the march, but the pictures and videos correct your lies. There’s only one thing left, to ban political marches altogether, as happened a few weeks ago. The opposition counters by saying you cannot ban freedom of speech and assembly and that it does not recognize the ban. The final chapter is a dangerous scenario in which the opposition will march in Conakry and it will be met with any one, a combination, or all of the following: military, police, ethnic militias, Donzos, the RPG arc-en-ciel, and foreign mercenaries. The more you do to repel the opposition, the more people will demand your removal. So, Mr. Conde, you are in a repeating, downward spiral and now you find yourself in Paris at Kouchner’s dining table waiting for a call from the Elysee Palace. Regardless of what happens in France, you have a mess on your hands at home.

But, wait, many of your countrymen are in Paris ready to rally in support of you. In fact, the rumor is that $250,000 was allotted to make sure that Guineans are on the streets to cheer you and that others will be sent to provoke a conflict with another group of Guineans — those who didn’t vote for you, who know you stole the election, who know you will use ethnic hatred to try to destroy them and who plainly wish you would just stay in Paris, drinking wine with your buddy, Bernard.

Whether your supporters are successful in provoking an incident or not tomorrow, the story will be told through their placards saying you are a usurper, a thief, a liar, a killer, an all-purpose human rights abuser and an embezzler, and with pictures and videos of it, the world will be informed.

Enjoy your visit in France and, in case you miss the protest by your political opposition, Guinea Oye will make sure to cover it, pictures and all.

Opposition supporters will be protesting Conde in front of France’s National Assembly on Saturday, June 30, from 2:00 – 6:00 PM.

Stay tuned . . .

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  1. Ollaid permalink
    June 29, 2012 11:11 AM

    We may wonder what’s wrong with Alpha Conde : all the Heads of State of the ECOWAS are meeting in Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast this Friday, 29th to discuss to security problems in the region and how to solve the Bissau and Malian deadlock, Mr Conde is wandering around in France while the geopolitics put Guinea at the heart of the solution. What is Alpha Conde’s problem ? I bet, he is probably envolved in a shameful business again in the region that makes him running away. Wait and see!

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