GUINEA UPDATE: 6-28 General Strike, Opposition Bangs on Transition Council Door, 9-28-09 Super Perp Pivi and the 1,000 Military Uniforms


Conde’s Absence on 6-28 Causes Opposition to Cancel March and Call for General Strike Instead

Alpha Conde will be out of the country for several more days including June 28, the same day the opposition scheduled a march to protest him and his policies. Rather than marching when Conde is away, the opposition is calling for a general strike instead.

Another reason the opposition is leery of holding a march in Conde’s absence is that it increases the probability of violent repression by state security forces. It could be that Conde, before his departure, authorized severe, and maybe deadly, repression of demonstrators. His absence would give him plausible deniability, especially for the international community’s consumption.

A few days ago, Alhassane Conde, Guinea’s Interior Minister, reissued publicly, the government’s ban on marches and warned the opposition that “no activity on two feet” will be allowed.

Don’t’ forget, at any given time, the following irregular forces are waiting in the wings: Donzos (or pretend Donzos) many of whom have gathered in the forest region in N’Zerekore. Also, do not discount use of Alpha Conde’s ethnic militias sent to Angola for training.

Opposition Meets with Guinea’s National Transition Council

In the wake of the death of Guinea’s second president, Lansana Conte, in December 2008, a military junta took over the country and Moussa Dadis Camara became its leader. He ordered the National Assembly to be dissolved. In February 2010, a transition government headed by Sekouba Konate oversaw the establishment of the National Transition Council and selected 155 people to be members. The National Transition Council has acted in the place of the legislature ever since. Yet, the NTC has never been particularly assertive. Since Alpha Conde’s arrival, the NTC has been especially quiet.

The opposition decided that the NTC should start carrying more of the burden on issues critical to finalizing Guinea’s transition. In an attempt to shake up the NTC, one opposition leader, Sidya Toure, called for its dissolution.

The opposition leadership met with the NTC and its president, Rabiatou Diallo. As the opposition assumed, Diallo defended the NTC’s record. The opposition told the NTC that the first priority is reconstitution of the electoral council, the CENI, and specifically the ousting Louceny Camara, the current president. Diallo said it might be possible to help out on the CENI issue.

An active NTC would be a thorn in Alpha Conde’s side. No doubt, regardless of his methods, Conde has been successful in keeping the NTC relatively mute.

Stay tuned . . .

Claude Pivi, Super Perp of the 9-28-09 Massacre and Current Head of Presidential Security Receives a Big Shipment – What’s in It?

Gris-gris Claude Pivi,one of the two people most responsible for the 9-28-09 massacre, the other is Tiegboro Camara, ran into some problems at the dock recently when he went to pick up a 40 foot container of goods – he refused to pay the customs tax. Because of this problem, the press got a hold of the story and revealed some of the contents of the container: in addition to cars and mattresses, the shipment contained 1,000 military uniforms and 500 pairs of boots.

For a 40,000-50,000 soldier military, 1,000 uniforms seems like a drop in the bucket yet, it could be, these uniforms are to be given as a perquisite to deserving soldiers. Guinea Oye thinks something more nefarious is at play. Guinea has often used mercenaries from other countries to commit crimes against unarmed civilians. In the 2007 massacre of opposition marchers, soldiers from Guinea-Bissau led the attack. The September 28, 2009 massacre, included several mercenaries from Sierra Leone and Libera, dressed as Guinean military. Whether Donzos, Conde’s ethnic militias, or foreign mercenaries, the delivery of 1,000 uniforms and 500 pairs of shoes likely signals that the government is preparing for a dangerous crackdown. If you add the fact that Claude Pivi, Conde’s head of presidential security, received the merchandise, it seems like a good time for everyone to keep their eyes and ears open.

Stay tuned . . .


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