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Guinea Update 6-17: Next March 6-28, Mining Madness, and Guinean Gov’t’s Sept. 28 Massacre Mumbo-Jumbo

June 17, 2012

July 29, 2011:  Guinean demonstration in front of the White House against Alpha Conde who was visiting Pres. Obama.  The rape of women during the state-sponsored massacre of Sept. 28, 2009, continue to go unaddressed by the Conde administration, one year later.

Opposition March Scheduled for June 28

In spite of a ban by the Conde government on ALL political gatherings, the opposition does not acknowledge the ban because the government cannot “outlaw freedom of speech and assembly.”

It is apparent that the wildly successful May 10 opposition march surprised and worried the government. The only way to prevent the world from seeing another 80,000+ opposition march is to impose the all-out ban.

Since May 10, the opposition made plans to march on a couple of occasions, but it appears that Conde supporters from his coalition the RPG-Arc-en-Ciel planned to counter march at the same time. In addition, there were rumors that the president’s coalition would be supplemented with Donzos (farmers), which assisted government forces in the brutality leveled at opposition supporters during their September 27, 2011 march.

Stay tuned . . .

More Mining Madness

Last week,Guinea Oye! posted an article which revealed new shenanigans in the great underworld of Guinean mining.

Two subsequent articles provide interesting supplemental information on the Guinean government’s sleight of hand:

DAVID GLEASON: Wheeling and dealing in Guinea

Published: 2012/06/08 08:22:01 AM

. . .On the other hand, I have heard associates of Condé’s son, Alpha Mohamed, have been bragging about putting “confiscated mining assets into vehicles they jointly own”.

Back to that $25m loan. The Guinean people have never been told about it, although the deal was signed by Lamine Fofana, the mines minister, and by Kerfalla Yansane, the finance minister. Nor has it appeared in the national budget.

It is all very mysterious.

Read the full article

DAVID GLEASON: Why genuine miners avoid Guinea

Published: 2012/06/14 09:47:46 AM

Guinea is awash with mineral resources, but many mining companies may be discouraged by political developments that leave them baffled.

Read the full article

September 28, 2009 Massacre: Speaking Mumbo-Jumbo

Taking the opportunity of Fatou Bensouda’s swearing-in a few days ago as the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Advocate General of the Guinean Court of Appeals, William Fernandez, spoke about the case of the September 28, 2009, stadium massacre and rape of opposition protesters.

Fatou Bensouda, as the Deputy Chief of the ICC, was the primary investigator of the September 28 massacre. A few months ago, she made a trip to Guinea to let officials know that if they are unable or unwilling to pursue the case, the ICC will take it over.

But, it appears that Mr. Fernandez, in his statement, made the water just murky enough to cover all his bases, without enlightening a soul.   “In this case we operate at our own pace, we have no pressure on us. It’s either one is able to judge, or we let the ICC take up the case. But for now, it’s we who are responsible for this issue.” 

Two years and 8 months since the massacre and not one person has been indicted. The international community is largely responsible for this. It feared the HUGE 40,000-50,000 Guinean army would revolt if members of the military came under indictment for the crimes committed. The case went cold at the ICC and, in the Guinean court system, no one can affirm that the case is being prosecuted, that is, with a straight face.

Justice delayed is justice denied. And, in Guinea, without justice there will be no peace.

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