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Guinea Opposition Announces June 7 March, 60 Opposition from 5-10 March Still in Jail — Children and Elderly . . . and Torture

May 29, 2012

Camp Boiro Prison

A  hell where former president, Sekou Toure, sent his fellow citizens to be imprisoned, tortured, and killed


**UPDATE:  Late today, the opposition met and decided to postpone the march until Tuesday, June 12**


Opposition March – Thursday, June 7

Late Monday, the Guinean opposition announced that its next march will be Thursday, June 7. If you recall, a march was scheduled for May 24th, but the opposition cancelled it because it looked like a set-up for an attack on the opposition. Three or four days before the planned march, information circulated in Conakry suggesting there would be a counter march by the RPG party, the party of Alpha Conde. Suddenly, Conde announced his departure for a whirlwind tour of Asia. Next, more information surfaced suggesting that a massacre of opposition supporters was planned for May 24, not necessarily by RPG alone, but also, take your pick: Donzos, Conde’s ethnic militias, one of Conde’s many mercenary forces lying in wait, or some combination of the foregoing. The opposition decided that it would not participate in a march for which a massacre was planned, especially with Conde out of the country allowing him to use his trip as the “perfect” alibi.

Stay tuned . . .

Men, Women, Minors, Small Children and a Baby Still in Jail Since May 10 March and Oh Yes, Torture

Over 60 opposition supporters are incarcerated in Coronthie jail after being arrested for the May 10 march. In addition to several arrests on the day of the march, police continued to make brutal arrests on May 11, when they burst into homes to apprehend supporters. Perhaps the most outrageous arrest was of a nurse with a baby, both of whom are still languishing in Coronthie jail. In addition, the opposition detainee list includes children under 10 years old, young adolescents and adults, including some elderly. A delegation from the opposition leadership visited their supporters in jail over the weekend. The delegation deplores the conditions of detention and denounces the injustice of the arrests, demanding all supporters be released immediately.

In addition opposition detainees say they were tortured and violated in a police substation in the neighborhood of Hamdallaye before being transported to Coronthie jail. During their visit, delegation members witnessed several instances of torture.

A member of the delegation, Faya Millimono, denounced the torture and violent attacks on the detainees by national police and gendarmerie saying that the Hamdallaye substation was “a real Camp Boiro,” referring to the primary facility where former president Sekou Toure sent his fellow citizens to be imprisoned, tortured, and killed.

Preliminary negotiations are underway to release the detainees. As with most things in Guinea, we shall see.

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