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Why is Conde Pushing for Legislative Elections BEFORE October?

May 24, 2012

2010:  FOSSEPEL, Guinea’s election cops, stayed busy throughout the presidential election splitting heads open

Guinee58 asks this question and comes up with a very good answer.

A week after claiming that he has no control over the CENI because it is an independent body, Conde announces that September would be a good time to hold legislative elections because the rainy season will be over by then. And, he makes this announcement not on Guinean soil, but in Asia on a  visit in South Korea!

Obviously, Conde and his electoral chief, Louceny Camara, collaborated on this timing for legislative elections and, predictably, it was done, once again, in the absence of the opposition.

Guinee58 surmises, and Guinea Oye agrees, that the Conde administration is talking about a September election because the terms of the CENI members are set to expire in October! The current CENI’s deck is stacked in favor of Conde and his RPG-Arc-en-Ciel (ruling party coalition). This was done at the expense of appropriate representation for the opposition on the council.

Conde needs one more thing out of this council before a new CENI comes on board – roll over and play dead as Louceny Camara and a few others commit the necessary fraud to give Conde and the RPG a majority in the national assembly.  And, there you have it – mystery solved.

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