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Thursday Opposition March Postponed, Plus Conde Invites Friends from the Francophonie, Who Helped Him Steal the 2010 Election, to Give Guineans “Neutral” Assessment of Electoral Roll Revision!?!

May 21, 2012

5-24 Opposition March Postponed for Strategic Reasons

Today, the Opposition announced it will postpone its march planned for May 24 pending the return of Alpha Conde to Conakry. Conde is on a multi-country trip and the Opposition has no information about the exact date of his return. Given that the protest pertains to Conde’s actions regarding legislative elections, the postponement is necessary.

Conde Signs Decree Asking CENI to Extend Suspension of the Revision of Electoral Rolls and Invites Old Friends from the Francophonie, Who Helped Him Steal the 2010 Election, to Come to Conakry to Give a “Neutral” Assessment of the System to be Used for Legislative Elections

Press Release follows:

Sékhoutouréya, May 19, 2012

The President of the Republic confirms its willingness, in collaboration with all election stakeholders, to work, so that all conditions are met for the parliamentary elections are transparent, fair and credible in the Republic of Guinea.

The President of the Republic, after consultation with the republican institutions (National Council of Transition, Economic and Social Council and the National Communications Council) and in agreement with donors, bilateral and multilateral, to request an extension of the INEC suspension of the revision of electoral rolls. And that to allow the organization of a neutral expert mission led by the International Organization of la Francophonie.

This mission will aim to implement the conclusions and recommendations of the audit report, verifying the level of safety and reliability of technical operations related to the review and establishment of the electoral list. This mission, already in preparation, will be in Guinea within a week.

The President of the Republic shares with republican institutions and technical and financial partners of the electoral process as to take into account all the objective factors promoting transparency and fairness of the legislative elections of 2012.

The President of the Republic urges all election stakeholders (INEC, the political parties, the technical and financial partners, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization) to work, within their mandates and expertise, for success of this important technical step of the electoral process.

The President of the Republic calls on all the promotion of dialogue and respect for the law for the triumph of democracy in our country.

For the Presidency of the Republic

The Spokesman
Nabi Yusuf Kiridi Bangoura

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