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Guinea Update 5-17: UN Sec-Gen’s Special Rep. to West Africa Pays Opposition Leader, Cellou Diallo, A Visit and No More Kumbayah

May 17, 2012

Said Djinnit, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative to West Africa

UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative to West Africa Visits Cellou Diallo

Today, Thursday, Cellou Diallo was paid a visit by the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative to West Africa, Said Djinnit. According to sources, they spoke for an hour and focused on the sociopolitical situation in Guinea.

Ahh, to have been a fly on the wall.

May 14 Opposition March, Conakry, Guinea, and Eighty Thousand Strong

No More Kumbayah

On Wednesday, the opposition met with representatives of the Guinean Ministry of Religious Affairs which offered to mediate the conflict between the opposition and the government. Evidently, the opposition indicated that it might consider pulling back from demonstrations, if Alpha Conde gave a positive signal that the CENI membership issue would be resolved and that the revision of the election rolls would be accomplished in a transparent manner.

The opposition has been approached by several groups and individuals from inside and outside Guinea over the last few months to discuss the country’s political situation. Some of these visitors are applying significant pressure to the opposition to “go along, get along” with Conde in order to arrive at a compromise that would allow legislative elections to proceed. It would be a mistake for the opposition to cave under this pressure. In this situation, compromise can only come from Alpha Conde. The people of Guinea cannot go to another election with Louceny Camara at the helm of the electoral council, th CENI. And, even if Camara is removed, forces within the Conde administration are ready to step into Camara’s shoes to commit the necessary fraud to make the guy who stole the 2010 election, Conde, look like someone who came to office with a mandate.

In particular, the opposition should not allow the international community to goad it into compromise on these critical political issues. The opposition must keep up the struggle in honor of all those who died, were injured and arrested over the last three years. To do otherwise would be an unforgivable betrayal of the good and brave people of Guinea.

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  1. Ollaid permalink
    May 18, 2012 5:26 PM

    I cannot agree more with you! The worst thing is that “Sir” Alpha Conde is in denial : for instance, in an interview with RFI (French radio,)on friday 18th, he said within the CENI, he is in minority. Then, he added most members of the opposition joined his alliance; meaning, to him, that only Cellou Dalein is still against him.
    If it is allowed and not a crime of “lese-majesty”, I declare that Alpha Conde needs therapy. He cannot say the truth and he cannot help it. Pooor Guinea! Lucky the people who have nothing to do with this land,Guinea, where every head of state is called the “father of the Nation”, even by the intellectuals as though a new nation can be born after each coup d’Etat or presidential election. Once again, pooor Guineans !

    • May 18, 2012 6:46 PM

      Thanks for your comment, Ollaid. I, too, took note of Conde’s interview in which, in his delirious state, he insists that the majority of the opposition is with him and that within the CENI, he is in the minority. And, then, my personal favorite — he doesn’t have to talk to any political party because that is not the role of the president. He says his role is to be the president of all the people. If he truly thinks this, he has a strange way of showing it.

      Conde exhibits all the characteristics of a pathological liar functioning in a delusional state. This means he is very dangerous to the people of Guinea and quite capable of doing just about anything.


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