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Alpha Conde Walked on Dead Bodies to Gain Power – Interview of Opposition Leader, Mouctar Diallo, NFD Party

May 17, 2012

Mouctar Diallo in a photo taken on the fateful day of September 28, 2009, in the stadium where state-sponsored forces massacred opposition protesters

Below is an article from Guinee58 regarding an interview with opposition leader, Mouctar Diallo. The following is a Google translation with editing by Guinea Oye.

From Guinee58

After the show of force by the opposition in the peaceful demonstration of May 10 and the success of the day of the general strike, now is the war of words between Alpha Conde’s administration, which is short of ideas, and the opposition that is intent on keeping the pressure on Conde’s dictatorship in order to move the lines of political deadlock.

Below are excerpts of an interview that Guinee58 conducted with opposition leader, Mouctar Diallo,of the NFD part., Diallo is anxious to settle accounts with Conde and his party, the RGP-rainbow sky, which accuse the opposition of fomenting a coup.

The opposition is Republican and Democratic

collectif_adp Contrary to the claims of the RPG-rainbow sky, which makes unfounded accusation that the opposition wants to overturn the ruling regime, the former Minister of Education, said “We (the opposition, Ed) plan to seize power by the polls. We are not like RPG that think we should come to power by all means, even while walking on the corpses of Guineans. We are a responsible opposition, the Democratic and Republican. ” Upholding the values of the opposition by the young wolf does not end there. “We, we are republicans, democrats and legalistic” added the youngest of the transition government team.

Conde walked on cadavers to gain power

alpha_conde More than one is surprised at the about face of Alpha Conde, that is to say that he denies to the opposition, that which was graciously given him,when he was on the other bank of the river. First of all, everyone remembers the violence of words that Alpha Conde has worn throughout his many, many years as a member of the opposition. “The Soussou are responsible for the misfortune of Guinea, …” Conde launched tirelessly in the presidential elections of 1998 a few days before his arrest at the border he was trying to flee after attempts to destabilize the country. Conde’s extremist, regionalist and ethnocentric discourse remains vivid in the memories of compatriots. “Every Malinke voting for Conte is a bastard …” he argued in his day long speeches. “Foresters are drinkers of human blood and eat human flesh, …” he said on the set of our colleagues from TV5 Monde on the management of power by junta leader, Dadis Camara. “Supporters of Cellou Dalein Diallo want hegemony of ethnic Fulah …” Conde said in the television studio of Africa24. “My political agenda is anything BUT a rule of this country by the Fulani, …” he chimed in between two rounds of the 2010 presidential elections as well. Alpha Conde is neither more nor less than the founding father of the regionalization of political debate in Guinea.

Beyond these verbal slurs, Alpha Conde was the instigator of physical violence which resulted in casualties. The looting of property, hunting and killing of Fulani in Upper Guinea in between the two rounds of presidential elections will unfortunately be the worst political weapons used by a candidate for the presidency of our country. Several intelligence reports link the military and civilians also as the brain of rebel attacks which Guinea suffered during President Lansana Conte’s rule.

RGP-rainbow, political party violent, aggressive and extremist

arc_en_ciel In his interview, Diallo highlights the character of the RPG-Arc-en-Ciel as violent, aggressive and extremist.” Further, while the RPG denounces demonstrations by the opposition now, it was very active in organizing demonstrations when it was in the opposition in 2010 “When they (RPG officials) say eye for eye, tooth for tooth, they are advocating violence.”

The opposition leader also criticized the irresponsible behavior of the police against families in neighborhoods favorable to the opposition. “Although we have asked our members to observe a day of general strike, the gendarmes and police officers under the instructions of the authorities continue to besiege our activists in parts of the upper suburbs. They go down to the concessions, thus violating the principle of inviolability of homes enshrined in the laws. They do violence by assaulting tenants and brutalizing them, including against old men and women. They even steal their property “reveals the former minister.

Doublespeak of Conde on INEC

ceni The CENI, which continues to pursue its census operations despite a request by the Presidency of the Republic to temporarily stop, Diallo sees a double game of Alpha Conde behind it all. “We heard Mr Lounceny Camara challenge the Head of State on the air by saying that the presidential decision did not commit CENI to do anything. His institution is independent, he says, and that Alpha Conde should have passed by the CENI. Anyway, it’s a challenge to the place of head of state, which is serious in a Republic. According to our information, the Chairman of CENI has taught the different branches of the council throughout the country how to continue operations in the field and not be detected. At this level, there are two problems. Either the CENI is putting the head of state in check or this is a manipulation by Alpha Conde, who said something publicly and officially and then does something else. We know the administration’s strategies. Often, it flashes to the left and then to the right. In our case, we will continue our peaceful protests until the total satisfaction of our key demands, “said Diallo.

Zenab Bangoura, , Conakry

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