Conde Supporters Say “No to Ethnocentrism” !?! If So, They Should Start By Unseating Their President, Alpha Conde

September 28, 2009: “Bloody Monday”

Today, the RPG – Arc-en-Ciel, a Guinean coalition which supports Alpha Conde, held a rally at the Palais du Peuple. One of the most surprising announcements by the coalition is that they say “No to Ethnocentrism”!?!

The irony is that the “coalition” that supported Conde for president in 2010 and also supports him now is the primary mechanism for furthering ethnic hatred of Peuls.

One of the more absurd incidents in the 2010 presidential campaign was Conde’s “yogurt poisoning” fable he dreamed up accusing Peuls of having poisoned his supporters at a rally by selling bad yogurt. Conde and his coalition fanned the flames of this lie to incite Malinkes to attack Peuls throughout the country. Peuls in two towns, Siguiri and Kouroussa, were particularly besieged by violent attacks by Malinkes wielding machetes. Homes and business were burned, numerous Peuls were injured, and at least two were killed, including a father of six whose head was split open by a machete. The Conde coalition is always looking for a way to attack Peuls so that it gets a political bonus as well -– the majority of Peuls in Guinea support Conde’s opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo –- and in this case he succeeded in “emptying” these two towns of traumatized families just prior to the election disenfranchising thousands of Diallo voters.

Conde has continued his ethnocentric tradition in his presidency and has integrated an anti-Peul approach into his government policies. Peuls are discriminated against in government hiring and many Peul local government authorities have been summarily replaced with non-Peuls. There has also been a considerable increase in crime against Peuls by police and military. These attacks have included theft of money, household belongings, and motor scooters, as well as ransacking and burning homes. Peuls have been seriously injured by state security agents who have committed extrajudicial killings as well. While these crimes are being committed, victims are often verbally abused about their ethnicity.

Conde is none too shy about using Peul hate speech publicly and is fond of suggesting all manner of evil and disaster that will come to Guinea if Peuls get a chance to run the country.

BUT, If there is the slightest doubt that Alpha Conde has a maniacal hatred of Peuls, one only needs to look at the Malinke militias he has created and sent to Angola for military training. The only reason for Conde to have Malinke militias is to kill his fellow Peul citizens.

So, if Conde’s supporters mean what they say – “No Ethnocentrism” – they should be knocking down the doors at Sekoutoureya.


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