Conde’s RPG and State Security Thugs: “This Time We’ll Kill Them All. We Will Show Them Who We Are.”

Opposition demonstrations: hatred in a violent crackdown
The following article originally appeared in French and has been translated into English via Google. 
By later today, we will find that many more demonstrators have been killed.  Conde’s RPG party members are working with the gendarmes to conduct the slaughter.  Tonight will be an extremely dangerous time  in various opposition strongholds, especially Bambeto.  This terror will most likely follow the pattern of the aftermath of the September 27, 2011 march, in which opposition supporters’ homes were broken into at night, whole families were beaten and some supporters were executed.
As was the case of the September 28, 2009 massacre, the April 2011 attack on an opposition gathering at the Conakry airport, the violent repression by state security against opposition demonstrators on September 27, 2011, today’s  perpetrators are motivated by ethnic hatred of Peuls neatly wrapped in a cloak of national politics.
This Thursday, May 10, the call of the Collective of political parties in finalizing the transition and the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) of thousands of activists have invested Leprince highway to demand a restructuring of the INEC. Since the morning, clashes erupted at the roundabout at Bambeto, where witnesses said, elements of law enforcement engaged in the live ammunition. Two young activists were seriously injured, one was shot in the stomach, are evacuated to a clinic instead.
Despite their injuries, activists have been the subject of batons. After a few minutes of hanging, the protesters have come to the top of the gendarmes. The aunt who was the basis for law enforcement located on the small hill is completely wrecked by militants visibly nervous. A few hours after the clashes, protesters reign supreme at Carrefour.
A human tide from City, led by community leaders and heads for the ADP Hamdallaye. Shortly before, come Dixinn, the procession of Sidya Toure, president of the Faculty galvanizes a crowd at Carrefour Crusher. The two processions joined towards the large roundabout Hamdallaye. A few meters away, activists excited to throw stones at the police secure the seat from the RPG-rainbow sky (note: the ruling party). A tide of activists still strongly committed chant “Down with Conde”, “Down with Ousmane Bah”, “INEC released”, arrives at the Roundabout Hamdallaye, which lies close to the Force. Minutes of euphoria, gendarmes excited shoot tear gas and then pounce on militants to beat.
Protesters were brutally beaten, brutalized, some beaten to death. Demonstrators are chased through the neighborhood, some up inside private homes where they find refuge. Your newspaper has found a rare violence on young demonstrators “peaceful”. A few meters from the office of Societe Generale, a youth is surrounded by gendarmes, who brutalized to death. Other policemen hurling insults toward the community’s leader UFDG rushed upon him, the assoment shots. An activist of twenty years was violently manhandled by police in a small house, which is three steps from the bus stop. Another subject to physical violence falls in agony.
“This time we’ll kill them all. We will show them who we are” launching a militant RPG rainbow sky, which according to our information would be infiltrated into the group of gendarmes. “We must kill them, you say you have power, you dream, it will be a thousand years.” retorted a policeman. Unimaginable violence has not spared the reporter Aminata. Com. Alpha Oumar Diallo, who received several batons. “Democracy has not taken root in our country, the press should be excluded from any repression” support an officer of the gendarmerie. That is, the day on Thursday was marked by violence on demonstrators infernal “peaceful”.
To be continued …….
Alpha Oumar Diallo,

+224 66 62 25 24


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