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Guinean Opposition to March Throughout Conakry, Tomorrow, May 10

May 9, 2012

Let’s hope the Donzos (mercenaries) stay home this time and Conde is disinclined to order his security forces to kill and injure unarmed, fellow citizens marching in a peaceful manner.

The Guinean opposition is taking its fight to the streets of Conakry tomorrow in a march against Alpha Conde and his refusal to ensure free and transparent legislative elections. Over the last few months, the administration has thrown in every roadblock, including brutality by state security officers, to prevent the opposition from holding rallies to exercise freedom of speech and assembly. Finally, on March 24, the opposition held a wildly successful rally at Coleah stadium.

Tomorrow, will be the first time since September 27, 2011, that the opposition has marched en masse in the capital. Last September 27, the opposition march came under attack by state security services and government-hired mercenaries, known as Donzos. Five people were killed, scores were injured, and hundreds were incarcerated and held over long periods without charge.

Below is the opposition’s statement on the eve of the march. Stay tuned.

Joint Statement of the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) and the collective political parties in finalizing the transition
The Alliance for Democracy and Development (EPA) and the Collective of Political Parties for the Finalization of the Transition learned without surprise that the date of July 8, 2012 proposed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) could not be held for the organization of parliamentary elections in Guinea. Despite this new evidence of the irresponsibility of the INEC, ADP and the Collective regret the obstinacy of the President of the Republic at all costs to impose an illegal INEC, extravagant and incompetent.
The ADP and the Collective are satisfied to have been joined by civil society, in clear and reasoned noted that INEC and its Chairman are the main source of blocking the completion of the transition. It is now clear that INEC as currently constituted is discredited and disqualified.
Despite this undeniable reality, the INEC decided Waymark routing kits and deployment of data entry operators across the country and was even allowed to announce the actual launch of the census without any consultation with the political class.
The ADP and the Collective invite UNDP and the European Union to immediately publish the audit report of the electoral roll which clearly indicates that the chosen operator without competitive bidding (Waymark) is incompetent to carry out operations voter registration.
The ADP and the Collective recall that they have never been associated, either near or far to the appointment of members of the Commissions administrative revision of electoral rolls (CARLE). They also invite their activists and supporters and all Guinean citizens who love justice and right to refrain from taking part in the census disguised unilateral operations that INEC wants to hire, without taking into account of their concerns.
To stop this headlong rush of INEC supported by the government, the ADP and the Collective call on all activists and their supporters and all people of Conakry to mobilize large numbers to participate in peaceful demonstrations, which begin on Thursday May 10th with a walk in all five districts of the capital. These events will continue until the total satisfaction of our legitimate claims aimed organizing fair and transparent elections and the roots in our country the values of democracy, freedom and justice.
Conakry, May 8, 2012
The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) and
The Collective of Political Parties for Completing the Transition

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