Alpha Conde Reads from the Script: Play Nice and Postpone the Election

2010:  GUINEA’S SPECIAL ELECTION COPS, FOSSEPEL – known to have cracked a few heads

Below is a statement from Kiridi Bangoura, spokesperson for Alpha Conde, regarding Conde’s reasons for postponing legislative elections. No one should be fooled by such a turn of events. Conde’s all-out war against the Guinean opposition and disregard for international “partners,” concerning inclusive elections, left him in a corner, with nowhere to go, a week ago. Last week, Conde, in a manic whirlwind, invited representatives of both groups to Sekoutoureya Palace to talk about the elections. By Friday, Conde makes the announcement that he is postponing elections. In Bangoura’s statement below, Conde pledges “transparency-democracy-inclusivity” all from a script written by the international community. This “kumbaya” talk may appease a few, but as soon as a bit of international heat subsides,Conde and his RPG-Arc-en-Ciel coalition will return to what they do best — sabotaging attempts by the opposition to be full partners in Guinean politics.

It’s important to understand that Conde gave up nothing when he postponed the election. The international community is the most disappointed by the postponement because it is anxious to see Guinea’s transition to civilian government finalized. For the opposition, there cannot be much concern about the postponement because it now has more time to rid the CENI of its elections fraud specialist, Louceny Camara – a vital step if Guinea hopes to ever hold free and fair elections. Postponing the election is of least concern to Alpha Conde because, whether the election is held this year or two years from now, he can continue ruling the country by decree without those annoying “checks and balances.”

Press Release-Sékhoutouréya, April 28, 2012

The President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé, ensuring the proper conduct of parliamentary elections in conditions of transparency and fairness, met Wednesday, April 25, 2012, Mr. Diallo, president of the UFDG, in his role as a representative of the Collective of political parties in finalizing the transition and the Alliance for Democracy and Progress.

Friday, April 27, President of the Republic met with the diplomatic corps accredited to Guinea, including representatives of the G8 countries, the ambassadors of Nigeria, China and Russia. Also present were Coordinator of the UN system, the Head of the Delegation of the European Union and the Resident Representative of ECOWAS.
In the afternoon of Friday, April 27, President of the Republic received the 24 commissioners of the Independent National Electoral Commission.
This Saturday, April 28, President of the Republic also received Mr. Jean-Marie Dore, president of UPG, in his capacity as representative of the Centre party.
The Head of State met with Secretary General of the RPG – Arc-en-cie (Conde’s coalition)l, Dr. Saloum Cisse, in his capacity as representative of parties claiming the presidential majority.

All these meetings will form part of the consultation that the President of the Republic has always maintained on the major issues of national life and especially on the electoral process.
The President of the Republic has always asserted that by decree convene the electorate, when all conditions are met for an election is transparent, credible and fair.

The President of the Republic has shared with all election stakeholders and technical and financial partners, the concerns that remain for the establishment of an effective timetable.

These concerns include:
– The completion of the transfer of all alphanumerical data and bio-digital SAGEM to the new operator of the revision of electoral rolls, Waymark. This would save time in data processing of the next revision of electoral rolls. The President of the Republic has requested the cooperation of the European Union and United Nations Environment Programme for the Development for this purpose;
– Transparency and information sharing between the INEC and all election stakeholders, particularly political parties participating in elections, and technical and financial partners. This requires the establishment of a permanent consultation mechanism;
– The prompt conduct of an exceptional review of the electoral list of all the national territory;
– Strict compliance with legal provisions governing the organization of elections in our country. These provisions are contained in the Organic Law on the Electoral Code, Law 013 on the establishment, powers, composition, organization and functioning of the INEC.
President of the Republic solemnly appeals to all actors in the electoral process so that all efforts converge on the parliamentary elections in 2012.
– At the INEC, Mr. President of the Republic requests to strengthen dialogue with political parties, and consider any views that promote transparency and fairness.
– In the political parties, the President of the Republic demand full participation in the preparation and conduct of elections, the most urgent is the revision of electoral rolls.
– For technical and financial partners, the President of the Republic wishes to support diligent work and to see that all conditions are met for a ballot copy.
– Mr President of the Republic calls on Guineans of voting age to participate fully in the revision of electoral rolls, a necessary step for effective participation in the election. Voting is a right. The inscription on the electoral roll to vote is the key.

The President of the Republic, Professor Alpha Condé, whose political career is identified with the building of democracy in our country, reassures all stakeholders and the international community that he will ensure personally that all conditions are in place for the next elections and allow the strengthening and sustainability of democratic institutions in our country.
So, Mr. President of the Republic invites the INEC to consider all the concerns of election stakeholders and propose as soon as possible a realistic timetable.
The President of the Republic appeals to the high sense of responsibility of each and all, to make future elections an opportunity to anchor the democratic debate in our country.

The spokesman of the Presidency
Nabi Yusuf Kiridi Bangoura
The Press Office of the Presidency


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