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Guineans Do a Full Court Press on the CENI: Opposition, Civil Society, Defecting CENI Members, and a 1,000 Woman Sit-In, All in One Week

April 18, 2012

The most consistent demand of the Guinean opposition is the removal of Louceny Camara as president of the country’s electoral commission, the CENI.  In 2010, as a member of the CENI, he committed massive voting fraud in the presidential election in order to place the RPG party candidate, Alpha Toure, in the presidential palace. His crime was so egregious, a Guinean court convicted him of voting fraud and sentenced him to one year in jail, which he never served. Presently, the opposition is concerned that the legislative elections, scheduled for July 8, will be similarly fraudulent.

Two days ago, Guinea’s civil society sent a letter to Alpha Conde to condemn Louceny Camara’s management of the electoral process and demanded his resignation from the CENI “in the name of the country’s unity and peace.”

Today, five members of the CENI held a press conference to denounce the unilateral management of the CENI by Louceny Camara which they say runs counter to laws and electoral regulations. Further, the members said they will no longer participate in the ongoing activities of the CENI electoral regulations, until a plenary is created to discuss and resolve the differences.

Tomorrow, one thousand women from the opposition will conduct a sit-in in front of the CENI.

 Stay tuned!

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